Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Infidelalatious AIG's Bankster "bailout" stuff

Now that his perceived credibility and credit billable hours ability has been tossed under the bus by the Establishment whose secrets he used to keep,

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Elliot Spitzer is coming out in support of revealing what was really going on with the AIG bailout and how come all the bailed out banks got 100 cents on the dollar in the form of Fiat thin air monetary units backed by a continuous inflow of tax payer indentured servitude.

If the Fiat Thin Air Uniterian Print C's of Woe Street Darkness had "only" gotten 100 cents on the dollar, that would be the end of it.

In addition to helping create some of the Toxic assets that befell their ex opponents Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers and then turning around and selling short such Toxic assets knowing full well that it will take their opponents out with the trash so they can increase their spendin' cash,

They received more tax payer funded thin air printed billions so we can restart the financial system that nearly brought the World to its knees since its devil in the detail work is not yet done.

This last time, it nearly brought the World to financial Armageddon.

Maybe what the bored idle hands based upper Echelon controllers really want is for the Financial System to trigger a real World Armageddon so they can thin the Herd a bit just to show who's in charge since their whole "New-D-Tey" Emperor's Imperial dog n pony up the money show is getting exposed to information radiation by the minute.

Elliot Spitzer used to work for AIG's former CEO Hank Greenberg back when AIG was creating the fictitious profits that led to the current mess.

AIG was going to be exposed by Elliot Spitzer when he was close to prosecuting them for all kinds of misdeeds back in 2005( Helping clients with Tax evasion, Getting risk off their books by Re-insuring through the myriad subsidiaries they owned, funneling State compensation fund money where it should not go, and of course even getting Warren Buffet, The Messiah of Money himself, involved in some of their 500 million+ rounding error reinsurance scheme so they can keep the books neat and tidy as they print then highly valued stock options out of thin air and monetize them into all their heart's desires.

But the Government couldn't expose AIG back then. Oh no, it would have collapsed the poor ponzi scheme financial system 3 years early and we wouldn't want to prick that bubble halfway to its eventual size when we could create a bigger problem to deal with later and inflate it again hoping for the ultimate bubble?

Will we be Surprised when a Bubble is spotted on the SUN and then the next thing you know, coronal mass ejection measured temps are bubbling on Broad and Wall streets, enough to fry a few institutions into the Hades realm of reality so they can come to their senses and repent their grand theft of not only a seemingly endless supply of money and people's wealth but of trust in a capitalist financial system where the failed step aside and not get bailed out at the expense of those that do not partake in abominable bubble generating schemes?

The Wages of this kind of Sin are sizzling and getting ready to be paid in reverse fractionally reserved form by the Helios equalizer known as the SUN or EL or AMON RA's infatuation.

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