Thursday, December 17, 2009

Climate talks: The have Cains VS the half naught Abels

It is quiet curious that the nations most responsible for adding to the modern day pollution of the last few thousand years are the ones who want to "assist" poorer nations in curbing their pollution.

It is quiet easy to provide billions in loans when those loans are printed out of thin imperialistic air and collateral debt obligated into usurious servitude that makes small countries destitute.

In the past, this would have worked much easier but the people of the oppressed poor nations are waking up to the modern day financial enslavement that has replaced plantation based slavery.

Why is it that certain oppressors will not halt their oppression of their less fortune 500nate fellow human beings?

Do they enjoy being that which can be quantified as Adversarial?

Or do they have a long term outlook that does not include the current slave class that is mostly made up of the poor from within and without their borders?

Can the ranking member states of the permanent War machine producer security council at least deal honestly with those that they oppress?

Or are they divinely destined to rule this planet through a hellish realm of never ending strife, all because they refuse to serve each other in what would amount to an idyllic paradise.

Why should the poor nations of this world continue to have their human and material resources raped and pillaged by conquerors whose conquests are always under good tidings, religious or otherwise?

Must reptilian base DNA behavior always win out to take this planet away from its intended design and destiny?

Do the ruling powers have enough power to print another habitable planet out of thin air?

Or do the 1% that are appeased by the 4% want to continue to use the 95% as their base slaves?

Modern day slavery is Militaristic and economic. You cannot have fiat currency that is backed by nothing. Ask Zimbabwe. But you can have thin air fiat currency backed by chapter 7 based resolutions to destroy infrastructure in order to destabilize economies, get them in debt and get the best and the brightest of their citizens to flee the primitive Horror of War right into the loving arms of the designers of the Horror.

Must Cain continue to kill Abel?

For how long?

Until Kingdom Come of Killdem' comes?

Maybe we can get rid of all the tit for tat between the wealthy and the poor by quickly switching to some of the Hyper dimensional HAARP based technology
seen masquerading as an officially denied(cough,cough) "out of control" Russian Rocket making several seemingly controlled spherical spirals before attenuating in something similar to a black hole( except you can still see the sky behind it so in reality, sorry, no black hole)

But then again, when some macabre massive amount of money loving manipulators can get filthy rich by carbon based trading away people's livelihoods and make multitudes filthy poor for the privilege of becoming environmental slaves, why even bother.

Just get the Ponzi Scheme running. Print another form of fiefdom slavery to be controlled by the already Filthy rich elites and their wannabe minions at the expense of World + dog.

After all, in a finite resources based planet, they need a War on Terra in order to protect their resources from quick depletion. They need to create enough poverty to get the people running after them via pitchfork like rebellion. They are drawn to attenuation via War and they have grown complacent thinking that War and strife never bites them.

They can use their money to escape the ensuing madness but they still need slaves who will accept the worthless thin air units being printed out of style.

And most people buy it hook line and sinker.

If people really cared about sustainability on this planet, then all non essential activity would have been halted in favor of solving food crises before they become known as the next bubble based collapse known as the Crop Collapse of 2010-2011.

Just print some thin air units and pretend away all the problems, Ponzi scheme your way to an unsustainable existence of the species but as long as the market is up, does it matter that we are headed for famine?

We'll just eat our Gold, silver, Stock and Bond holdings.

As the Rick James/Dave Chapelle saying would go: We're rich Biatch!
Brought to you by must leave planet desolate society of Thin Air Uniterians(TAO of TAU branch)

"Now get me a seat on Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Inter Galactic so I can make it to the next habitable planet before me and my kind attenuate our signal by devastating the signal of Terra. There's a War on Terra after all and if it is won, Terra is defeated and then plundered quiet easily without all those pesky humans who are seeking something as arrogant as their daily bread. Their daily bread can only come at the expense of their body and spirit"

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