Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You create a monster, you break it, you own it and you cry when you make it bite you :f- r ---> :-

S&P Golden ratio retrace of 10/6( 1.67 rounded) * March 9 09 bottom of 666.79 = 1113.54 ( This was hit yesterday)

This is the key that is being technically used as the "blue horse shoe" tipping point that ended the rally.

Do you think front running Bear Meredith Whitney(demonstrating some extra congratulatory socialite scene party circuit gained kilos) was paraded on BABELvision by accident yesterday?

Hyperinflation does not set in until desperation sets in.

Desperation sets in not with a rising market due to a falling dollar but with a completely decimated market that a manifested 80% drop from here in tandem with the cohort of continued inflation of private sector job losses.

The experiment that is socialized capitalism ends with the ardent thin air capitalists begging the socialists to stop capitalism since it is losing them 10x their leveraged derivative "bet".

The true capitalists are left unable to sell their wares to a bankrupted and bondage enslaved debtor populace.

The unveiling of the Pyramid/Ponzi scheme/zero sum game that our modern "economic" reality is built upon is a gradual process.

The Debt is slowly being monetized but it has not been repudiated yet.

Once the debt is repudiated a choice must be made of either printing non usury based fiat work units to pay back the debt to those that created something in exchange for it or a complete repudiation which creates chaos since the Chinese(and the rest of the people who "worked" for the debt) are not going to be happy holding a bag of worthless dollars, especially if they are part of the permanent council of war product manufacturers.

The usurious thin air/credit creators are not going to be happy when their power is removed but their problem is that they financed a War machine in the process of the accumulation of their ultimately worthless thin air printed empire has no clothes machination.

Their threats against sovereign states are ultimately hollow since some of the sovereign states under their bondage have people working on some special technologies that lead all the way to the 27 security clearances above that of the POTUS.

The self professed Masters of the Universe have not mastered the basic understanding of you make it, you break it, you own it.

They thought that they were the Puppet masters when in reality they are merely the usurious/abominable master puppets and the true puppeteer does not have nor need a mountain of thin air created/usury extorted units.

These words have a high probability of falling on the deaf ears of Golden Calf/Bull Market worshiping 4D units.

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