Friday, November 06, 2009

Will there be an 1111 trifecta at 11:11 on 11/11 ?

Next Wednesday, the racketeers have the perfect alignment of occult 1111 numerology to top the market. Let us hope that they do not also have a literal and figurative blow off top. Let's pray that they do not blow off anybody's top since that causes people to cease to be part of our BASIC 4D REALITY.

Let us also hope that they do not set the top off via one of their champagne party celebrations of death as they usually do when they unleash their putty put schemes like they have done in the past on another occult day they chose to alter human history this decade, a decade known as the lost decade.

It is with a feeling of great disgust that these words are spoken at the veiled but completely obvious manipulation of History always at the expense of the commoners and not the elitists.

Based on the Golden ratio:

from the previous bottom, we can predict the EXACT coming top before the next bottom.

The previous bottom in the Satan's and Poor's index was 666. The Golden ration is 1.618 * 666 = 1077.588

but that is not good enough for the racketeers since they like lots of 666's so if you take 10/6= 1.666666666.....

multiply 10/6 * 666 = 1110 which would be their top if they were not so fond of 1111 that it would even reach the geometry of the richest religious entities buildings and their calendar equivalents.

So don't be shocked if the exact top is not engineered secretly in broad daylight
at 11:11 AM on November 11th giving us S&P 1111.11 before they tank it hard in unison.

Let's hope they don't create a premeditated event to cause the tanking since that would imply multiple levels of suffering by the masses in order to enrich the few.

And the beat goes on, even on Veteran's day.

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