Monday, November 16, 2009

S&P Has finally hit the Golden ratio/occult magic number of 1111

The thin air fiat money printers/binary zero bank account adders wanted to monetize their way out of the mess that they created.

They have successfully done so but are looking for a way out before allowing their mostly dollar denominated assets to hyperinflate in value if the dollar's free fall accelerates.

As much as the inflationary growth in the nominal value of their assets has made them seem super profitable and healthy, they are still lovers of money at heart and greedy by default since money is the obsessive compulsive addiction of choice that they have manifested in their 4D journey in our Universe.

They are still looking to increase the value of their profits while protecting their intrinsic worth and the way to do that is to look for bag holders of the risky assets that a carry trade of a monetized dollar bubble has caused.

I do not sense the same energy I felt the minutes they bottomed the market at 666 on March 9 2009. On that day, I felt this "rush" to want to buy.

1111 is less occult than 666 and that maybe a reason why the energy level is different but market bottoms have violent capitulation reversals and market tops are not known for violent drop offs since people are still on the greed side of the boat that has not started to accelerate the tipping to the other side.

Once the tipping accelerates, 1111 occult top will not be noticed by the multitudes that are "shocked" to see the same collapse occur again at an accelerated path.

It will not be a straight trip down to the bottom but people must notice that the current rate of market rise will have us breaking all time records within a few months.

The experienced traders have not seen anything like this because they were not alive during Weimar republic Germany and most likely have not lived in a foreign country whose currency was repudiated.

The disconnect between the stock market's violent rise and the massive unemployment that is causing consumers to cut back severely can only be masked by monetized bailouts for so long until people figure out that printing our way out of the problem will be the death nail in the coffin of our empire.

Jim Rogers is one of the few people who understands what is really going on except he does not see the hidden manipulative "blue horse shoe" call via occult/technical numbers.

Looking back at the S&P Bottom of 666.79 x Golden ratio of 10/6(rounded to 1.67) gives us an S&P of 1113.54

It would be interesting to see whether we hit this number exactly today and whether or not this will trigger a sharp sell off that marks the top. It would be surprising for there to be a blow off top since every big time speculating fund and International(especially) and Wall street pro is using the dollar carry trade to fuel cocaine high level gains while tipping the boat over not to the other side as usual but an actual capsizing.

Taking out socialist style subsidized car sales gains that skewed the retail sales gain numbers by 1.2 bps as opposed to the .2bps gain minus autos, one has to gasp at the anemic growth displayed knowing well the difference in commodity prices between now and last year is astounding.

Take out the wealth effect multiplier and all the subsidies and dollar price erosion and you arrive at a shocking actual drop in GDP output no matter how you slice it but most people(economists included) are not adept at understanding gigantic zero sum based systems and the intricacies of interaction between their sub components.

The average non market buoyed consumer feels it and soon the sugar rush beneficiary up market consumer will also feel it.

Destroying your own currency is the last desperate attempt to stem the tide from oblivious decline of your empire but most are not prescient to look the problem in the eye while it is still growing.

Hindsight is always 20/20 but foresight is legally blind.

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