Saturday, November 07, 2009

The liquidation of a nation Part 2: willing participation

The following are your natural and free protectors against flu: vitamin D, enough antioxidants, a healthy lifestyle which limits processed foods so you don't become Hansel and Grettle circa 2010.

Fear causes anxiety which causes depression and the resultant stress overload weakens your immune system to the point of succumbing to the latest flu by your cookoo's nest fractured and obediently fearful psyche.

Remember what was said and think about why: those who seek to save their life will surely lose it and those who seek to lose their life will surely save it.

You cannot live life like the boy in the plastic bubble. you have been given the keys to protection but have chosen to rebel against knowledge, righteousness and each other causing unending headaches of who wants to be first in line to get a vaccine that is untested at large and that has been under patent processing for several years.

Those who want to be first shall be last and those who choose to be last for the sake of others shall be first implies that those who selfishly want to save themselves before others end up naturally weakening their own immune system due to their selfishness while those that help others via self sacrificing acts of unselfish behavior end up gaining strength and protection in our universal matrix.

They say one hearty laugh is good for 24hrs of immunity replenishment.

Think of it this way: It took 17 centuries for Isaac Newton to figure out the 2nd law of thermodynamics while a Carpenter from the past already laid it out clearly using a metaphor to stop the chain of violence except people ignored him and chose to end him on a + metaphor death device.

How you say? What arrogant nonsense that is spouted?

Well here it is laid unthick: extrapolation of for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction by turning the other cheek.

if someone strikes you, the natural thermodynamic reaction is to strike back in order to maintain the essence of law#2: eye for an eye leaving blindness over the land.

if you choose to turn the other cheek at a transgression against thyself, you have risen above the thermodynamic cycle of violence and hate.

Here it is using simple math:

Striking person loses 1 point striking you. You lose 1 point striking back. 1-1=0

1-1=0 is visual demonstration of a resultant vicious circle represented by the circular 0, not only being the absence of value but also the sum total of all possible values of positive and negative integers.

Therefore zero O is dualistic in that it is nothing and everything all at once.

If someone strikes you and you turn the other cheek and do not strike back, they lose 1 point and you lose none but there is a catch for them since Thermodynamics extrapolation states that a reaction is required and that means they have the cup of wrath of judgment poured on them 2X punishment for their transgression and your lack of response.

2x punishment is -2 points for them and +2 points for yourself.

In the Garden of E.DIN man's downfall came via a snake.

Draw a snake on a blackboard and you get a crude negative sign -

Therefore a mathematical interpretation of the fall of man states the following for modern man who understand what a minus (-) sign is when primitive man only understood a snake: Man's downfall from grace was due to man's negativity.

There lies the hyper dimensional encryption key that is needed to solve the puzzle and provide deeper and multi-threaded understanding.

Or you can ignore the basic math and physics and head down and get swine flew'd but beware that it comes with a price: over 30 possible side effects per the CDC website.

Man has only been around for a short period of time when compared to the eternal existence of the consciousness that manifested this reality we call our universe out of pure thought. this consciousness gave us natural protection that we are not using.

Instead, we are busy vaccinating needlessly against the flu every year and thereby overstimulating our immune system to fight a foreign agent that has several mammal components in it that could cause it to replicate a lot before being fought and defeated. constant fighting of unnecessary wars( hmmm!) subjects the body to decomposition at the microscopic level in preparation for its deterioration and early retirement from our 4D reality due to unnecessarily over activation of its defense mechanisms which each needless vaccination aside from the vital ones.

and people wonder why them become pale horses and start coming down with all types of sickness as they age.

Or as Pink floyd succinctly phrased it: as the iron turns to rust so do the proud men turn to dust.

it is humanity's arrogance in thinking that it has total control that gets the best of it in a cyclical fashion that constantly repeats leaving some to worship a Golden calf in the past and a Bull market in the present.

Same difference.

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