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It seems that the French national team has inherited the mantle of Pole position cheating from the previous holders Italia.

Now Les Bleus are blue in the face from the shame of cheating their way into World Cup 2010.

Who can forget what the defending champions of cheating did at World Cup 2006. Thanks to 1080p replay, the memory of their numerous moments of cheating will live on.

Maybe France caught the cheating flu from their 2006 Finale encounter that was marred by an interesting display of upper body misuse and ensuing controversy.

Cheating, if not nipped in the bud easily via instantly available HD replay technology, can lead to the downfall of a seemingly too big to fail organization, proud of stuffing its coffers with continuously devalued fiat decreed monetary units that lately are being credit default swapped like they are going out of( Weimar Republic and Billion$ Zimbabwe) style.

Everyone knows that FIFA wanted France in the World Cup. The cost benefit analysis of the situation is very clear.

More people follow France. More people will attend an unheralded venue for a World Cup if France qualifies, especially in a Wintery South Africa that maybe facing Ukraine like mutated Flu Quarantines and Bank and Warfare modeled inflation/deflation monetary supply collapse repercussions.

More people will spend money to fill FIFA coffers and have some money trickle down to keep the eternal flame of football lit while the ideals of sportsmanship are desecrated.

If South Africa 2010 is a success, there is less embarrassment for FIFA's executives. They already have the obscene wealth and the haughty positions secured.

The one thing that they do not need is an embarrassment and that is why they get an embarrassing situation handed to them on a silver "Blatter" as a preview before the main course is duly served.

Oh, What will World Cup 2010 be like? Imagination is more important than Knowledge in a Quantum Mechanical kind of way :-)

One cannot blame the player who handled the ball. Thierry Henry is the latest unfortunate athlete to demonstrate once again that the bigger and more sportsman like they are, the harder they fall in absurdly ironic fashion.

The Gillette spokesman's team was cutting it close to being an "injury time" goal from being outsiders looking in rather than joining the fray of 32 finalists.

We can guess that what happened was the "best a man can get".

At least we can give him credit for admitting the truth after the fact.

But then again, he knew the replays will never let him live it down, ever.

The "Hand of Gaul" will be Henry's legacy unless FIFA and/or his Federation do the right thing and atone and allow a replay for the sake of sportsmanship.

But there are too many thin air created monetary units and egos at stake so they'd rather be shamed into dissolving the illusion that FIFA's mantle is "FAIR PLAY".

Just like the last minute "FAIR PLAY" or reseeding the 8 European playoff teams just in case wealthy large population countries were pitted against each other.

We wouldn't want hundreds of thousands of thin air unit/computer credit paying fans to stay at home for the World Cup, do we.

After all, FRANCE, FIFA, FFF are in a race to the bottom with Italia and other contenders for the cheaters' crown and they must not disappoint.

Maradona did not have the internet viral media as a tool to hound him for the "Hand of GOD" goal.

"The Hand of Gaul" goal is another situation since there is plenty of time for a replay before the December World Cup draw and there exists infinite discourse soapbox chatter bandwidth to dissect all aspects of the situation.

Argentina and England did not have the luxury of a match replay in 1986, or the assistance of instant access to conclusive replay technology.

A full match replay would have caused an unfair advantage to Belgium and Germany and may have completely altered the face of Football let alone World Cup 1986.

The "Hand of GOD" transgression was not as clearly seen as the "Hand of Gaul" infraction. There were too many players around the latter, causing more shame and the indignation of a whole nation to be shared all around.

Maradona is getting his just desserts now, better late than never, even if he scored arguably the most magnificent goal in World cup History in the same game.

Let's hope History does not repeat itself for Thierry Henry. He seems to be an outstanding individual and athlete by all accounts.But outward media related appearances can be deceiving.

If the players knew that a Video replay system was present that could sanction their undesirable but instinctual survivalist behavior to perform at all costs, they would think twice before letting a rush of blood to their brain get the best of them and tarnish the integrity of the game in the process.

They would handle the ball less. They would feint phantom fouls less. They would also display less vicious behavior when fouling maliciously or out of fight or flight base DNA execution.

If there is an additional referee present to monitor unsportsmanlike behavior by players, coaches, and referees, then fans may have a better game.

If a referee Czar(for lack of a better term) is present and can hand out Yellow and Red cards to all participants in a game( including out of control referees), the game may be saved from the disintegration it is destined for on its current path.

It is better to hold your head up high in a defeat where your team gave its all than an unjust and hollow victory that brings shame to a whole nation.

People have been deluded into thinking that modern championship athletes and teams also win at cheating in addition to being more talented and having the most determination to win.

That is not so. There are many variables at play and following the thin air printed/computer generated fiat monetary units will open eyes to what is really going on.

Lest we forget the Spygate controversy, the parade of enhanced athletes cheating their way to cycling tour victories and baseball stats, record books and record salaries of thin air printed monetary units.

The Organization that is FIFA, lest anyone forget, is a Monopoly with a profit minded motivation in order to maintain monopolistic dominance over a sport it did not create.

There are ways that can counter monopolistic and monolithic institutions.

If a much better capitalized institution were to rise and challenge FIFA's dominance, FIFA will not be able to compete and would be emasculated as a governing organization of football competition.

FIFA has been bestowed with organizing the World's premier sporting event: A high honor that is being mishandled and mismanaged due to letting thin air units cloud judgment.

Replay technology has to be used as a deterrent against the continual display of unsportsmanlike conduct by not just players, but referees, coaches, club and national executives, and last and definitely not least: organizing executives.

Like it or not, FIFA's image has been tarnished. It is not too late to change ways since it the corruption has not yet tarnished it beyond repair.

The public is more informed than ever thanks to the latest technology.

FIFA executives think that a dangerous precedent is set if France VS Ireland is allowed to be replayed.

They do not know that a dangerous precedent has already been set in previous World Cups.

Players and persons attached to the game know that if their infractions are not spotted and chastised live during games, they can get away with being dishonest and hereby destroy the integrity of the game for fame, fortune, pride and the rest of that which separates humans from each other.

Cheaters will be more emboldened to commit additional infractions to the point that an unacceptable number of games will become points of controversy.

The technology did not exist in the past. Neither did FIFA nor many advances in the game. If we go back far enough into the past, the game of Football did not exist either.

Football has evolved. The Planet has evolved. FIFA needs to evolve and pay attention to the people that pay its salary and to the people that take part in its games for without them, it ceases to exist as an organization.

As long as Human beings continue to inhabit this Planet, Football will be played and World Championships arranged when feasible.

The same cannot be said of FIFA. Organizations can be replaced by better forms of Organization.

In a World teetering on the brink of a second Great Depression, anything is possible, including the eventual dismissal of an organization in managing the World's most popular sport.

That includes the eventual repudiation of thin air/computer generated debt money as a means of making Society function by means of covet and striving for survival.

A change can start as an infection to the body of the Bank, pestilence and Warfare model of modern reality.

If a galvanized effort to organize and fund raise a new tournament is initiated, the players( all of them) will come. And so will the fans.

Monopolist monoliths that fail to listen to the voice of reason are left behind just like the once dominant Dinosaurs that ruled this Planet.

Then they can have enough time to spend what remains in their coffers before monetary inflation and investment vehicle repudiation eliminates the "stored" value that makes them powerful.

In this modern usury/covet based world that we live in:

In GOD we trust.

All else pay cash, until monetary units are printed/computer generated into oblivion and become meaningful only to the nostalgic Ferengi types.

“Fifa is the ruler of the game and we have to abide by what they say,”

When should a created entity be the ruler of Football?

Why shouldn't there be an independent and non biased governing body that is completely separate from the profit minded organizer and fund raiser of Football events?

FIFA is a commercial entity that is a defacto dominant Monopoly.

A true governing body should be a not for profit entity whose ideals are solely based on protecting the integrity of the sport above all else for in the end, nothing else matters. Not even Fiat monetary units nor seats of fleeting power.



"Losers need to Win. Winners need competition"
"Real Winners never cheat. Cheaters never really win"
"You can kill 'em with kindness or you can Qui L'aime with SAR chasm"

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