Thursday, November 19, 2009

Complain-Sun-See sets in the TRAPazoidal once again

Fear always seems to strike the hypocrisy of most of the participants of a monetized wealth dislocation zero sum game.

Why mark a republic of hyper inflated monetary supply that does nothing but lead to destruction?

Banking on a warfare model leads to a fractal well fare system.

500 million dollar CEO's that do not see the sun outside their C suite must ask themselves:

Is it the manifest will of a higher order that I must brutally execute the obsessive CON pulsive DNA sequence that makes me and my staff live and breath the C'est Dure Dure D'etre bebe kids of a Saint-Exupery 'd story of the 501st million of the busyness man?

CHARItable Cretin Executing Orders?

CEO ---> CHERI baby, can you get off the conference room TABLE, we're about to
E RAY SSSssss another CON petit TOR.

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