Wednesday, October 07, 2009

All that Glitters left the planet long ago

Our fetish with Gold is borne out of our ancient history.

The Ancient Flying saucer Cargo Cult cross breeders/gene splicers of "man" had a need for Gold.

They needed it mined supposedly for the atmosphere of their Planet.

They mined it themselves until they got tired and created the slaves by splicing their DNA with the most intelligent of Earth's inhabitants, making sure to remove the genes that gave the creatures enormous physical strength so technically we did not evolve but got some extra"special"terrestrial sauce spliced with devolved earth matter.

Per ancient Sumerian Archeological findings, the Spaceshipers called the modified being "Looloo Amelou" and voila "modern" man was born and bred......for slave labor.

Too bad some of the modern Archeologists who discovered this fact did not even know that today the Aramaic word "looloo" stands for precious jewelry(usually pearls) and "amelou" means worker hence jewelry worker or mine worker for the tools.

The descendants of the mine slaves became genetically and socially conditioned to value Gold above all else and since most of it was mined away vs the majority of the rest of the elements, it became very precious and very hard to mine since the easy stuff was already mined by the ones who rode on the Chariots of "fire"(aka spacecraft) of the myriad of ancient religious texts, Sumerian cuneiform tablets and passed down Gilgameshistic Noah tales that survived constant Earth changes like floods, volcanic activity, tectonic plate/polar/crustal shifts.

The most fantastic thing about this tale is that it is the fact that shaped our history but don't let that bother the people who think they've got it all figured out and are laughing at the "absurdity" of such a tale.

You can get back to hoarding that Gold but unless you are adept at converting it to something that is needed for human sustainability, what will you do when the coming massive solar flare melts it all around you if not on you if you like wearing it?

Drink it? Wait for it to cool down and eat it?(yes I know about the $1000 Gold sprinkled dessert)

Barter away post apocalypse necessities for it?

In a post disaster world, even fools would not care for Gold unless it can improve their life of get them off the mortal coil to another planet that may be more hospitable to human life.

It's the final countdown. The only question is: can we terraform Venus and nudge it to a more hospitable location?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Hansel and Grettle Healthcare: The liquidation of a nation

The ones that print money out of thin air and enslave the world's population in exchange for the money have been busy executing their plans to liquidate the United States of America due to the fact that it is a nation that consumes 30% of the World's resources while having only 5% of the population.

They can print money out of thin air but unfortunately for them, they cannot print another planet out of thin air.

Their puppets are preaching economic growth and a better environment.

Economic growth only increases the depletion of Earth's natural resources, replacing Nature's delicate balance with busyness and paper profits.

Human beings have always fought over dwindling resources. Competition has been ingrained in most human beings since grade school. Cooperation is not preached
and is in fact looked at as a weakness since the market believes in the mantra of:

In order for me to win, everybody else must lose.

Economic growth is critical, evidently more important than health and happiness.

Continuous economic growth is the only thing that can "guarantee" jobs growth and stock market profit "growth".

There is something else that grows endlessly also. It's called cancer and it continues to grow until it eliminates its host.

Profit growth is more important than humanity's growth and sustaining a dignified existence on this planet.

Profit growth is important for the enslavement of an entire population of a planet but when the profit growth gets to overtake the sustainability of life on this planet, the money out of thin air printing profit growers create wars and unleash pestilences in order to cull the herd to a level that depletes the planet's resources in a manner that can lead to efficient replenishment.

The liquidation of a nation starts with the deterioration of the health of a nation.

to be continued......