Thursday, September 17, 2009

To the Moon, Alice

It's a V shaped recovery after all. The only problem is they forgot to tell people that it's a V shaped recovery for inflation of food and energy, the basic necessities of life.

The bailout that was supposed to prevent Financial Armageddon prevented it. The only problem is they did not tell you that it prevented the end of the failed fiat money printing institutions masquerading around as a central bank.

I feel bad for Ben Bernanke. You can hear the fear in the tone of his voice. He is going to be blamed for something that he was forced to do as the puppet of the controllers of our miserable money based enslavement bondage reality.

This Bailout created no real economic growth whatsoever unless you count the increase in High frequency Trading by Government Sachs as productive growth.

Jobs are still disappearing because the real economy that is 70% dependent on an over leveraged consumer is still shrinking at a rate faster than even the money printers can devalue our currency to provide the % increases required for endless real and fictitious growth demanded by the non productive entities on Wall Street that worship today's Bull Market with the same Zeal that human ancestors worshiped the Golden Calf.

History not only repeats itself but it does so in the most ironic fashion.

Years from now, if humanity makes it that far, future humans will look back with disdain and shake their heads at how primitive the height of our supposedly "enlightened" modern society currently is.

The rise in the market is partially coming at the expense of the declining value of the dollar therefore to a foreigner whose money is spent in something other than dollars, the moves are not as great as the general public perceives them to be.

You have a cartel of bankers(disguised as a central bank) attempting to use public money to bail themselves out of a problem that they created.

They are arrogant enough to think that they can continue to print money without a serious decline in the value of the currency with the belief that its world reserve status will protect it.

Since we are dealing with the biggest of all macro systems, the currency devaluation problem won't show its head until it becomes so severe that it will be too late to control.

At that point, it will become a crisis of confidence and when dealing with human psychology, all bets are off since irrational behavior becomes the norm.

The same thing happened in Weimark republic Germany. They monetized their debt to the point of printing their currency out of existence.

We have not seen the brunt of the inflationary forces since the amount of money created has been confined to the debt coffers of the failed banking system. Once it is unleashed, it will be like a torrent of inflation that will be so rapid that few will know what hit them until it's too late.

The controllers of the people running the US Government rigged the game and the longer they go on with this charade the more dire the consequences but that may be what they intended after all.

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