Friday, September 18, 2009

If a forest fell on anybody's ear, will a tree hear it?

There is a racket that is running money, pure and simple.

Since they were given the biggest supply and have the most insider information by controlling the Government of the United States even prior to the latest debacle, they will do whatever they want with the market regardless of reality.

There was a reason why the Bottom of the S&P was 666 just like the twin coincidences of S&P closing price and the New York pick 3 lotto on the 1st anniversary of the September 11th attacks being the numbers 911.

As the coincidences continue to coincide in coincidental fashion, attention is paid even if people prefer to ignore the past as they repeat it.

This has all the makings of an occult mafia running the world.

The next occult number of significance in front of the S&P index is 1111.

Do not be surprised at them pulling the rug on this whole bear market rally when the S&P reaches 1111.

Yes, I know it sounds pretty lunatic and paranoid conspiracy theory 101 but if they are doing it and you see them doing it then that's the only thing that makes sense even if it sounds completely insane.

You can laugh at all these statements right now and ignore the message only to see it happen and sometimes not even make the connection as it happens.

There are way too many forecasts of financial collapse happening on or soon after Oct 25th.

The sources are varied and one of them just left Government Sachs in disgust and that person is saying this October.

So we have to figure out what is the trigger point?

A) Israel vs Iran war morphing into a disaster of a WW3?
B) Swine Flu related scenario(manufactured or real)?
C) Collapse of the Fed or of the Dollar or the release of damaging secrets?
D) Natural Disaster?
E) Something else unforeseen?

Now if they figure out that we are on to their game, they will change the date.

But if we keep it on the lowdown and they ignore our statements then we will have the proof against them by telling the world what the occult mafia is going to do before they do it.

Amos 5:26-27 But ye have born the tabernacle of your Moloch, and Chiun (Remphan) your images, the STAR OF YOUR GOD, which ye made to yourselves.

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