Monday, September 21, 2009

Selfishness is the seed that manifests into the root of all that is called evil

While this may be superficially seen as a diatribe on the ins and out of a violent sport called American Football, there is always more to be discovered if one refrains from jumping to conclusions and skins a little deeper.

Only an out of control mule has to be physically restrained by his assistant to remind him not to call time out since it would be ill advised to do so late in the game when trying to run out the clock against your opponent.

Only a mule would fail to instruct one of his mules not to run out of bounds to stop the clock late in the game when running out the clock dramatically increases the odds towards victory.

Only a mule would not figure out that half of offensive game plans are trickery not by trick plays but by misdirection plays and misdirection tactics such as passing out of running formations and running out of passing formations and running and passing to daylight by misdirection and basically being unpredictable in order to confuse the defense since your team is not gifted enough to bludgeon them with their physical prowess.

Not always running on second down after a failed 1st down throw and not always running when near your goal line and the opponent's.

Only a mule would play conservatively the whole game and then go for risky 4th down plays with the lead late in the game.

Only a mule would keep repeating the same failed game plans and questioning criticism of a Hall of Fame Quarterback and following his own Hall of self diluted thinking.

Only a mule would prevent his quarterback from letting it rip no matter what may happen in order to prevent soul killing displays of offensive futility such as were on display against one of the most inept teams in the league.

Some QB's are allowed the freedom to throw as they may please which some time leads into throws into double and triple coverage and yet there is one QB who commits a sin when he attempts to run out of his red-lines-all-across prison box that his mule of a coach has created for him.

Only a mule would keep drafting the most physically gifted mental midgets to mirror his Napoleonic stature and only a mule would ignore warnings to improve his weakest links 1) That being his offensive line 2) the intellectual capacity of his players who constantly commit the most undisciplined penalties as a display of their feeble minds' lack of self control over their own bodies let alone their opponents.

Like attracts like even among mules.

Only a mule would not figure out how disrespected his passing attack is when everybody he plays against crowds the line of scrimmage and plays press coverage 100% of the time.

Only a selfish (selfishness is the number one form of Godlessness) mule would overpay for a lineman whose greatest claim to fame is the level of his glutenous appetite, constantly tearing his own body parts in a seemingly annual celebration of defiling his temple with a voracious body destroying dietary intake.

Only a mule would keep hiring players that have run out of locations to place physical markings to desecrate the temple of the eternal spirit that manifested everything.

Only a mule would allow his players to prematurely celebrate the simple achievement of a first down or a good tackle as a sign of their hollow accomplishment, only to constantly fail to score or stop a time killing opponent drive that may end up in a score that kills the soul before the body.

And only a mule such as myself would continue to waste his time following such a disgusting display of futile selfishness while attempting to reach the mules that he watches toiling in futility and finally reaping what they sow: a calamitous Whirlwind.

Selfishness is more dangerous than standing armies and more heinous than the love of money that is the root of all evil. Selfishness is the seed out of which the root of all evil grows.

For selfishness in a world of selfishness rewards itself with the ultimate form of selfishness: the destruction of everything around it including itself in its effort to save itself and appease itself at the expense of everything else.

In a closed system such as Planet Earth, selfishness is akin to a slow but sure suicide of the species.

In its own eyes, selfishness never errs but is always erred against.
In its own heart, selfishness is hurt but never the one that hurts.
In the fullness of its pride, selfishness is an empty vessel.
Selfishness anoints itself savior of itself at the expense of everything other than itself which is suicidal in a closed system.

Selfishness is the choice that creates Evil where Evil did not exist for Evil is the manifestation of the overwhelming accumulation of the selfishness of an individual or a collective.

Friday, September 18, 2009

If a forest fell on anybody's ear, will a tree hear it?

There is a racket that is running money, pure and simple.

Since they were given the biggest supply and have the most insider information by controlling the Government of the United States even prior to the latest debacle, they will do whatever they want with the market regardless of reality.

There was a reason why the Bottom of the S&P was 666 just like the twin coincidences of S&P closing price and the New York pick 3 lotto on the 1st anniversary of the September 11th attacks being the numbers 911.

As the coincidences continue to coincide in coincidental fashion, attention is paid even if people prefer to ignore the past as they repeat it.

This has all the makings of an occult mafia running the world.

The next occult number of significance in front of the S&P index is 1111.

Do not be surprised at them pulling the rug on this whole bear market rally when the S&P reaches 1111.

Yes, I know it sounds pretty lunatic and paranoid conspiracy theory 101 but if they are doing it and you see them doing it then that's the only thing that makes sense even if it sounds completely insane.

You can laugh at all these statements right now and ignore the message only to see it happen and sometimes not even make the connection as it happens.

There are way too many forecasts of financial collapse happening on or soon after Oct 25th.

The sources are varied and one of them just left Government Sachs in disgust and that person is saying this October.

So we have to figure out what is the trigger point?

A) Israel vs Iran war morphing into a disaster of a WW3?
B) Swine Flu related scenario(manufactured or real)?
C) Collapse of the Fed or of the Dollar or the release of damaging secrets?
D) Natural Disaster?
E) Something else unforeseen?

Now if they figure out that we are on to their game, they will change the date.

But if we keep it on the lowdown and they ignore our statements then we will have the proof against them by telling the world what the occult mafia is going to do before they do it.

Amos 5:26-27 But ye have born the tabernacle of your Moloch, and Chiun (Remphan) your images, the STAR OF YOUR GOD, which ye made to yourselves.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

To the Moon, Alice

It's a V shaped recovery after all. The only problem is they forgot to tell people that it's a V shaped recovery for inflation of food and energy, the basic necessities of life.

The bailout that was supposed to prevent Financial Armageddon prevented it. The only problem is they did not tell you that it prevented the end of the failed fiat money printing institutions masquerading around as a central bank.

I feel bad for Ben Bernanke. You can hear the fear in the tone of his voice. He is going to be blamed for something that he was forced to do as the puppet of the controllers of our miserable money based enslavement bondage reality.

This Bailout created no real economic growth whatsoever unless you count the increase in High frequency Trading by Government Sachs as productive growth.

Jobs are still disappearing because the real economy that is 70% dependent on an over leveraged consumer is still shrinking at a rate faster than even the money printers can devalue our currency to provide the % increases required for endless real and fictitious growth demanded by the non productive entities on Wall Street that worship today's Bull Market with the same Zeal that human ancestors worshiped the Golden Calf.

History not only repeats itself but it does so in the most ironic fashion.

Years from now, if humanity makes it that far, future humans will look back with disdain and shake their heads at how primitive the height of our supposedly "enlightened" modern society currently is.

The rise in the market is partially coming at the expense of the declining value of the dollar therefore to a foreigner whose money is spent in something other than dollars, the moves are not as great as the general public perceives them to be.

You have a cartel of bankers(disguised as a central bank) attempting to use public money to bail themselves out of a problem that they created.

They are arrogant enough to think that they can continue to print money without a serious decline in the value of the currency with the belief that its world reserve status will protect it.

Since we are dealing with the biggest of all macro systems, the currency devaluation problem won't show its head until it becomes so severe that it will be too late to control.

At that point, it will become a crisis of confidence and when dealing with human psychology, all bets are off since irrational behavior becomes the norm.

The same thing happened in Weimark republic Germany. They monetized their debt to the point of printing their currency out of existence.

We have not seen the brunt of the inflationary forces since the amount of money created has been confined to the debt coffers of the failed banking system. Once it is unleashed, it will be like a torrent of inflation that will be so rapid that few will know what hit them until it's too late.

The controllers of the people running the US Government rigged the game and the longer they go on with this charade the more dire the consequences but that may be what they intended after all.