Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If S&P 666 was the "agreed" upon bottom, will the S&P bear market rally top be 1111?

On the one year anniversary of 911, the S&P closed at 911 simultaneously as the New York Lotto Pick 3 numbers were 911.

You may think it is an absurdity to have such a massive market rigging conspiracy where the bottom happens to be an occult number such as 666 until you see all the corporations that "matter" in this world have street addresses such as 333 on the 33rd floor with suite 33 or 330 or 333( 1/3 being the supposed number of the Biblical Nephelim)

Government Sachs calling tops by upping projections and bottoms by lowering them cannot all be coincidence.

What is really staggering is the amount of silence that is observed by the people who are knowledgeable of this massive defrauding of the United States and the poor people of the world in general.

If GS's tentacles are plugged into the order flow of the stock exchange in effect not allowing even a small fish to go long/short something without paying their pound of flesh, when will this end?

You can only keep playing Monopoly until you have taken everyone else's money and then the game is over for the thieves.

The question is: will those that can change this trajectory we're headed toward speak up or will they lament when the average joe takes justice into their own hand and act out violently to counter the theft of the nation?

If the S&P tops out at exactly 1111 in Sep/Oct, does everyone stay silent and allow these bankers to continue their fraud of buying each other's stocks and then pumping the market with all the liquidity generated by the Pseudo Government Agency known as the FED which is 90% controlled by these same bankers who were in effect bailed out by themselves?

When will the "mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore" populace show up?

When there's banker blood in the streets?

Do we have to let things get that ugly before we do something about it?

Ponder that as the market rocket ship continues unabated.

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