Monday, August 03, 2009

The Hyper Chrononaut Phenomenon

The Web bots are predicting the emergence/revealing of "Hyper-Chroniacs" very soon within our society.

Google the subject to get more background information otherwise this post has little meaning without further investigation.

If You are tripping, chances are you are not a hyper-chroniac or you are unable to control it.

Being a hyper-chroniac allows you to experience space time on a hyper dimensional slope.

It is not about having an experience similar to a bad acid trip( Thankfully, from the descriptions, I'd like to stay ignorant from knowing such an experience)

I don't think polluting your brain/body with addictive/mind altering substances is the way to becoming a hyper-chrononaut.

In fact, doing so may make you anything but a hyper-chrononaut.

I will provide you with an example of what being a hyper-chrononaut is possibly similar to:

Since I was a child, I've had recurring dreams of having a hard time walking in surroundings that were not familiar to me.

If you read my links, you will have actual proof and not conjecture of the actuality of my statements.

Needless to say, I have documented my pre-cognitive dreams prior to their actual happening and the proof is a glimpse of the future that is verifiable via a stock market forum posting almost 3 years prior to its occurring.

Here is actual proof of time jumping hyper-chroniac ability:

I have had so many pre cognitive dreams especially within the last few years that it has gotten to the point of the sublime paradox where I even mention in my dreams of the future that I have dreamed this moment before only for the moment to occur within weeks, months or 4-6 years.

My question to myself is: Am I actually dreaming the future via reception of time retarded electro magnetic waves or am I actually hyper jumping back and forth and even altering my parallel reality by doing so?

Also, this does not just pertain to dreams.

When I am in peak mental/physical condition you can see my hyper-chroniac condition by the way I play defense in pickup basketball games. Needless to say, when you are able to predict and jump to the next location where the ball is headed and defend several 2 and 3 on 1 breakaways, this is manifestation of a higher order.

Unlike the bad acid and drug trippers who've posted previously on this thread, it is easy to distinguish the higher thought patterns and veracity of statements with the added bonus of having actual proofs.

Here are a few dream predictions of what is to be:

Look up at the skies and they are very red and there are things that are hidden there whether in actuality or via implementation of a mass project blue beam hoax.

Lots of flying objects crashing down to the earth from the red skies.

Now here is an electromagnetic thought distilling of all the information gathered.

At this moment the power of the world is gathered at Broad and Wall Street. Within 10 years, people will be eating each other at such locations and I mean that in the actual literal sense as opposed to the financial eating of others of today.

It is all because we concentrated on a make belief economic calamity and ignored the earth changes drought based actual calamity.

There is only one Last chance to prevent Isaiah 49:26

Isaiah 5 is now happening:

Disaster is Coming

5:8 Those who accumulate houses are as good as dead,
those who also accumulate landed property until there is no land left,and you are the only landowners remaining within the land.

5:9 The Lord who commands armies told me this:

“Many houses will certainly become desolate,
large, impressive houses will have no one living in them.

5:10 Indeed, a large vineyard will produce just a few gallons,and enough seed to yield several bushels will produce less than a bushel.”

5:11 Those who get up early to drink beer are as good as dead,those who keep drinking long after dark
until they are intoxicated with wine.

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