Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No mentions of the missing month on Goldman Sachs Morning Con Call


it looks like there is no backbone amongst the Wall Street Analysts( including Meridith Whitney surprisingly) as no one has mentioned the accounting trick of skipping over the Billion dollar lost month of Dec 2008.

Retail sales for March down three times as expected(-1.1%)

I wonder how the talking heads will spin this.

An interesting question to have asked Goldman Sachs CFO is how much did they profit from the 25% market gain in March, a month they would not have benefited from had they not been allowed to discard Dec 2008 financial data.

My question is what is the legality of skipping the reporting month and how often does it occur?

News Flash: Leave it to CNBC Commentator Rick "Chicago Tea Party" Santelli to mention the 4 month quarter on the air. Guest CNBC analyst quickly tries to deflect the issue.

How long until this becomes the indicting story that it should be?

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