Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hebrew slavery reminder day

Fellow inmates in the current monetary system based slave prison planet we call Earth,

Today, we celebrate our dependence day.

We are dependent on a system of enslavement known as the Private Banking monetary system - a system that is busy perpetuation the longest running and greatest Pyramid/Ponzi scheme ever known to humanity known as the stock market where a few print money for a living and trick the rest of humanity to work perpetuating a system that is the primary form of modern day enslavement.

Today the biggest problem in the world is a financial crisis that has left major banks insolvent since they were busy buying up highly illiquid securities made up from repackaged home and corporate loans made out to highly leveraged consumers and corporations who were busy bidding up prices that ended up ensnaring them in traps that are akin to tightening the noose and hanging themselves by their own thoughtless volition.

And even if you and I did not partake in this game of leverage, we are obligated to bail out the ones that did with our reward being that we can possibly return to the previous status quo and continue to prop up this system with the hope that we are smart enough that we can game it and gain wealth at the expense of the majority of the population of this planet who continuously to fall further and farther behind.

This is the message that we are being sold and even if we don't want to buy it, our bought and paid for politicians are forcing us to implement it since they would like nothing better than the status quo to continue so they can stay in the limelight and continue to pretend that they yield power.

All the while, the ones that have real power never really come forth into the spotlight.

The typical person is susceptible to being tricked into thinking that there are opposing forces in government and it is a good idea to choose a side to be on.

This message is constantly being perpetuated by the media that is owned by subsidiaries of subsidiaries that trace back to a small ownership group of people that create money out of thin air.

My thinking has boiled down to the whole thing being a perfectly circular and vicious cycle and here it goes.

Republicans are supposedly for Business, big and small.
Democrats are supposedly for Government, big and small.

In today's world you cannot start a business and grow it without angel investors who've made their money via gaming the system in addition to being entrepreneurial.

If you are lucky the above can fund you. For the rest of those aspiring to start a business, big and small, they need to go to the bankers.

The Bankers lend money borrowed at a discount from bigger bankers who print this money out of thin air and put it in play.

In order to thrive, these businesses need taxes to be low and they need plenty of tax breaks and they need the government to be involved in stimulating the economy if the economy is not strong enough to stand on its own in order for the owners and executives of these businesses to increase their net worth by converting options created out of thin air into cold hard cash via the Casino known as Wall Street.

When these businesses run into trouble by being slaves to their lenders at usurious rates they cannot sustain, they look to the court system for a forgiving of this debt but if they are too big to fail they look to the Government for bailout money that creates more debt for the people - debt that is not created by a not for profit government but by a for profit based private banking system masquerading as a public entity.

As the pendulum of debt swings from being pumped into the system to its required extraction, the rulers of our world remove the business advocating politicians and replace them with Government advocating politicians who are forced to increase our taxes so we can pay back the same money that went into the system by the money printers.

And that is why the political system is a vicious circle that has made me into what prescient future trends forecaster Gerald Celente terms as a "political atheist".

It is all just one big monopoly money zero sum game ponzi scheme. The whole thing. It is a manufactured problem that ends up causing many people to starve.

And as absurd as it sounds, the current global financial crisis may not end until the real problems such as crop failure, droughts, famine, water shortage, climate change, earthquakes, and the earth effect of solar flare activity end up becoming so great that they overshadow the made up financial crisis of created out of thin wealth transfer so the people can lift the wool over their eyes with the hope of getting out of this multiple thousand year old cycle of Slave/Master Debtor/Indebted we have been stuck in.

Being a modest mouse who is trying to break out of the enslavement wheel before it breaks him, I leave you with this to ponder before I attend to the opening of the daily casino:

On this most reviled/revered of days(depending on which side of the Federal Reserve Hebrew slave equivalent wage theft racket you're on) one can not help but ask themselves:

Is this the best that Humanity can do?

Must we wait for a disaster before we can change our archaic ways?

Will it be too late when the real problems that cannot be bailed out by printing money take center stage?

P.S: Prior to their revolt, Hebrew slaves were paying 50% of their earnings to the Pharaoh. When he forced them to pay for the material they needed to build his projects, they could no longer make a profit after cost and revolted. And the rest is History as they say.

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