Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Goldman Sachs SPG Manipulation: The Proof is in the Price

Quick update:

There's no point in going over why it is the case but all Goldman Sachs near options expiration pumps seem to free fall the week after, further adding to the artificial nature of the stock moves

SPG is currently some 8$ or 17% down from Friday's highs and below the Goldman Sachs conviction buy list buy in and price targets.

Just another in a long list of stocks that Goldman Sachs needed to unload on unsuspecting investors and traders.

Having most likely gone short the same stocks they were pumping the last few weeks, is it any wonder that the market news and outlook went gloomy all of the sudden yesterday?

If Goldman Sachs and cronies covered enough shorts yesterday and went long, any guess as to what the end of day results would be at the casino?

We are already opening at the lows and going up.

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