Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Infidelalatious AIG's Bankster "bailout" stuff

Now that his perceived credibility and credit billable hours ability has been tossed under the bus by the Establishment whose secrets he used to keep,

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Elliot Spitzer is coming out in support of revealing what was really going on with the AIG bailout and how come all the bailed out banks got 100 cents on the dollar in the form of Fiat thin air monetary units backed by a continuous inflow of tax payer indentured servitude.

If the Fiat Thin Air Uniterian Print C's of Woe Street Darkness had "only" gotten 100 cents on the dollar, that would be the end of it.

In addition to helping create some of the Toxic assets that befell their ex opponents Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers and then turning around and selling short such Toxic assets knowing full well that it will take their opponents out with the trash so they can increase their spendin' cash,

They received more tax payer funded thin air printed billions so we can restart the financial system that nearly brought the World to its knees since its devil in the detail work is not yet done.

This last time, it nearly brought the World to financial Armageddon.

Maybe what the bored idle hands based upper Echelon controllers really want is for the Financial System to trigger a real World Armageddon so they can thin the Herd a bit just to show who's in charge since their whole "New-D-Tey" Emperor's Imperial dog n pony up the money show is getting exposed to information radiation by the minute.

Elliot Spitzer used to work for AIG's former CEO Hank Greenberg back when AIG was creating the fictitious profits that led to the current mess.

AIG was going to be exposed by Elliot Spitzer when he was close to prosecuting them for all kinds of misdeeds back in 2005( Helping clients with Tax evasion, Getting risk off their books by Re-insuring through the myriad subsidiaries they owned, funneling State compensation fund money where it should not go, and of course even getting Warren Buffet, The Messiah of Money himself, involved in some of their 500 million+ rounding error reinsurance scheme so they can keep the books neat and tidy as they print then highly valued stock options out of thin air and monetize them into all their heart's desires.

But the Government couldn't expose AIG back then. Oh no, it would have collapsed the poor ponzi scheme financial system 3 years early and we wouldn't want to prick that bubble halfway to its eventual size when we could create a bigger problem to deal with later and inflate it again hoping for the ultimate bubble?

Will we be Surprised when a Bubble is spotted on the SUN and then the next thing you know, coronal mass ejection measured temps are bubbling on Broad and Wall streets, enough to fry a few institutions into the Hades realm of reality so they can come to their senses and repent their grand theft of not only a seemingly endless supply of money and people's wealth but of trust in a capitalist financial system where the failed step aside and not get bailed out at the expense of those that do not partake in abominable bubble generating schemes?

The Wages of this kind of Sin are sizzling and getting ready to be paid in reverse fractionally reserved form by the Helios equalizer known as the SUN or EL or AMON RA's infatuation.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Republistocrats VS Demostocrats and UNcle Ben's Helipad readiness brigade

As much as the Public dislikes the fact that the FED is an authority that answers to no one and is the only "legal" corporation in the world that is not audited, there is enough suspicion to believe that the reason why CON-gress will vote to reconfirm Dr "Helipad is ready" Ben "Print it into oblivion" Bernanke is because the yes voters are "in" on the grandeur of the Ponzi scheme that is the Federal Reserve Monetary system and how it has enriched the United States for so long at the expense of impending total economic collapse and literal 3rd world infrastructure based destruction.

If the FED is audited and the world discovers the moral hazard that it is and the fact that it is running a Peter to Paul ponzi scheme, the Fed monetary unit known as the US Dollar will become worthless virtually overnight.

That is the hold you hostage fear that is being fed to the ruling political party by the FED.

The republicans, under whom so much of this mess sprouted, are(just like their partners in crime the democrats) completely morally and intellectually bankrupt and are out of ideas other than to hasten the collapse so they can return to power under the "it's the economy stupid" motif.

The Republistocrats and the Demostocrats are in a race to the bottom as a synopsis of an overfed and under motivated nation busy running over itself in the race to buy the latest gadget at Walmart,even if 4D units get trampled and attenuated in the resultant stampede.

In 12th century Turkey, Kabobs were invented in order to eat something delicious very fast and with little cost.

In the USA and Western World, Turkeys are cooked for the longest time at the highest energy cost per food unit.

Blessings are not only expected but ordered from overworked higher powers.

Reaping what someone else sows has become de rigueur.

Inheriting the Whirlwind has become a High Fructose Corn Syrup grape juice of Wrath.

Climate talks: The have Cains VS the half naught Abels

It is quiet curious that the nations most responsible for adding to the modern day pollution of the last few thousand years are the ones who want to "assist" poorer nations in curbing their pollution.

It is quiet easy to provide billions in loans when those loans are printed out of thin imperialistic air and collateral debt obligated into usurious servitude that makes small countries destitute.

In the past, this would have worked much easier but the people of the oppressed poor nations are waking up to the modern day financial enslavement that has replaced plantation based slavery.

Why is it that certain oppressors will not halt their oppression of their less fortune 500nate fellow human beings?

Do they enjoy being that which can be quantified as Adversarial?

Or do they have a long term outlook that does not include the current slave class that is mostly made up of the poor from within and without their borders?

Can the ranking member states of the permanent War machine producer security council at least deal honestly with those that they oppress?

Or are they divinely destined to rule this planet through a hellish realm of never ending strife, all because they refuse to serve each other in what would amount to an idyllic paradise.

Why should the poor nations of this world continue to have their human and material resources raped and pillaged by conquerors whose conquests are always under good tidings, religious or otherwise?

Must reptilian base DNA behavior always win out to take this planet away from its intended design and destiny?

Do the ruling powers have enough power to print another habitable planet out of thin air?

Or do the 1% that are appeased by the 4% want to continue to use the 95% as their base slaves?

Modern day slavery is Militaristic and economic. You cannot have fiat currency that is backed by nothing. Ask Zimbabwe. But you can have thin air fiat currency backed by chapter 7 based resolutions to destroy infrastructure in order to destabilize economies, get them in debt and get the best and the brightest of their citizens to flee the primitive Horror of War right into the loving arms of the designers of the Horror.

Must Cain continue to kill Abel?

For how long?

Until Kingdom Come of Killdem' comes?

Maybe we can get rid of all the tit for tat between the wealthy and the poor by quickly switching to some of the Hyper dimensional HAARP based technology
seen masquerading as an officially denied(cough,cough) "out of control" Russian Rocket making several seemingly controlled spherical spirals before attenuating in something similar to a black hole( except you can still see the sky behind it so in reality, sorry, no black hole)

But then again, when some macabre massive amount of money loving manipulators can get filthy rich by carbon based trading away people's livelihoods and make multitudes filthy poor for the privilege of becoming environmental slaves, why even bother.

Just get the Ponzi Scheme running. Print another form of fiefdom slavery to be controlled by the already Filthy rich elites and their wannabe minions at the expense of World + dog.

After all, in a finite resources based planet, they need a War on Terra in order to protect their resources from quick depletion. They need to create enough poverty to get the people running after them via pitchfork like rebellion. They are drawn to attenuation via War and they have grown complacent thinking that War and strife never bites them.

They can use their money to escape the ensuing madness but they still need slaves who will accept the worthless thin air units being printed out of style.

And most people buy it hook line and sinker.

If people really cared about sustainability on this planet, then all non essential activity would have been halted in favor of solving food crises before they become known as the next bubble based collapse known as the Crop Collapse of 2010-2011.

Just print some thin air units and pretend away all the problems, Ponzi scheme your way to an unsustainable existence of the species but as long as the market is up, does it matter that we are headed for famine?

We'll just eat our Gold, silver, Stock and Bond holdings.

As the Rick James/Dave Chapelle saying would go: We're rich Biatch!
Brought to you by must leave planet desolate society of Thin Air Uniterians(TAO of TAU branch)

"Now get me a seat on Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Inter Galactic so I can make it to the next habitable planet before me and my kind attenuate our signal by devastating the signal of Terra. There's a War on Terra after all and if it is won, Terra is defeated and then plundered quiet easily without all those pesky humans who are seeking something as arrogant as their daily bread. Their daily bread can only come at the expense of their body and spirit"

Friday, December 04, 2009

New D' Tey of an Emperor: a planetary economic system too big to succeed

We're not here to defend Ben Bernanke. He's not devious enough to have masterminded the mess that the US and the World are in. Humanity as a whole can take the credit for that. We have fractionally reserved the end game of what is known as the science of economics.

We now know all too well that fiat monetary roads leads to hyperinflation debased bubble like productive output depressions. Debase the currency enough and print thin air backed monetary units and you too can grow the "numbers" of your economy so that the Wall Streeters can get their endless growth in order for P/E ratios not to collapse due to stagnant and declines in real economic output.

Print enough money and hand it to the banks and allow every bank to have a crude orgy around a bonfire circle of free money pumped in to buy asset classes known as investments in order to revive the nude emperor's rotting corpse.

Yesterday's Princes of Wall Street have become the hand gun toting "Print C's" of the front running darkness descent into an abyss of abysmal catastrophic collapse.

Without the wizardry of Wall Street and their fellow Gnomes of Eurasia allies and their ability to create every which way to hide inflation by stashing the(created out of thin air/ computer zero wads of cash) surplus of monetary units into every which investment under the sun, this print! print! print! game would have ended long ago on grounds of sheer absurdity alone.

It is at once sad and amusingly hilarious to watch Ben Bernanke get grilled like he is actually a maestro when he is in fact just the most prominent public face of the visible tentacles of the creature from Jekyll island.

Human beings created economics which gave birth to what is now the dominant multiplier effect form known as fractional reserve banking.

Some of us know this only works until it leads to complete and utter economic disaster on a global scale. Soon, everyone will know.

Back to Uncle "Print them" BEN "YAMIN's(Son of the right hand) out of style" Bernanke:

Ben Bernanke is a dutiful TV mugshot puppy like puppet of a sad and defunct enterprise known as thin air monetary unit printing( Thin Air Unitarian or TAU for the DAOISTICALLY inclined to have their life savings continue to decline)

He is placed on screen in order to take the heat for everybody behind the scenes where chaos is a queen reigning supreme on a soon to be $10,000 that's amore Pizza pie. He may be a student of economics and the great Depression but he was placed in power to do the exact thing needed to bring down the economy to this collapse and be prideful before taking a fall and giving us 20 pushups.

The bubbles are getting bigger and quicker in coming and going.

It is like Rowdy Roddy piper said in the film “They live”: I’m here to kick ass and chew bubble gum and I’m all out of bubble gum.

Well, we’re all out of bubbles and that leaves the ass kicking except it’s our ass that is being kicked by us because we have championed money making as the pinnacle of success more than any other human endeavor and effectively brain washed our youth into the tradition.

Parents wanted kids to become doctors mainly because doctors made lots more money than average people until doctors got ensnared in indebted servitude via usurious student loans that they struggle to pay back even with the help of 5% kickbacks from pharmaceutical corps.

Ben may have laughed a few times because the whole emperor has no clothes charade is just about up and the funny monopoly money game has been exposed.

His voice quivered at the end when his thoughts turned to the seriousness of the issue while at the same time juxtaposed with the ironic idiocy of this ponzi schemed money planet.

We are all at fault here. Some more than others. We all contribute to a system that has enslaved us rather than make us sovereign caretakers of this planet.

There is no free lunch.

The only way out of this is to get rid of money. But that requires oppositional thinking to our upheld belief system that money makes the world go around.

Money is the expression of a covet/dominate/subjugate/enslave/rinse and repeat mentality where the goal is to retire and make the next set of unfortunate new comers work to sustain us in our climb up the pyramid scheme of hollow pursuits.

There are planetary forces at play here and maybe all of this madness will be explained in the end, especially if all the secret money being made by parts of our Governments is being used to ensure the survival of our species which is a noble cause that may justify all the means in the end if we ever reach an end game to this cyclical madness.

There are better ways to go at it than keeping people in the dark. We could all work together to bring about harmony if the real threat to us is explained.

That threat is multifaceted and the first part of it is: us. Our lower self tendencies are the primary threat against our survival as a species.

Our ability to destroy ourselves has grown too big and it is making us fail.

The other threats are well known to some, scoffed at by many and ignored by most, especially the lowest part of the High fructose gluttony enslaved caste system that is footstool bound by this charadical process.

We have divided our earthly house and it is collapsing on us and we are too busy infighting while ignoring that we all descended from the same small group that survived a massive volcanic eruption some 80,000 years ago.

Our ability to continue to destroy ourselves has grown too big and it is making us fail and most are too brainwashed into a covet, consume, procreate, work to fulfill our covet needs, try to game the system so we can covet without work in order to consume not only our desired coveted items but our surroundings and consume away our bodies abilities to self repair the damage we and the world + dog causes to them with some environmental detriment and help in the process.

Welcome to the Humpty Dumpty Planet. Please provide Jockless in January Emperor with hypothermia vaccine.

In return, We'll print you an IOU unit and you can wipe your sneeze ejected byproduct with it before using it for other means.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


It seems that the French national team has inherited the mantle of Pole position cheating from the previous holders Italia.

Now Les Bleus are blue in the face from the shame of cheating their way into World Cup 2010.

Who can forget what the defending champions of cheating did at World Cup 2006. Thanks to 1080p replay, the memory of their numerous moments of cheating will live on.

Maybe France caught the cheating flu from their 2006 Finale encounter that was marred by an interesting display of upper body misuse and ensuing controversy.

Cheating, if not nipped in the bud easily via instantly available HD replay technology, can lead to the downfall of a seemingly too big to fail organization, proud of stuffing its coffers with continuously devalued fiat decreed monetary units that lately are being credit default swapped like they are going out of( Weimar Republic and Billion$ Zimbabwe) style.

Everyone knows that FIFA wanted France in the World Cup. The cost benefit analysis of the situation is very clear.

More people follow France. More people will attend an unheralded venue for a World Cup if France qualifies, especially in a Wintery South Africa that maybe facing Ukraine like mutated Flu Quarantines and Bank and Warfare modeled inflation/deflation monetary supply collapse repercussions.

More people will spend money to fill FIFA coffers and have some money trickle down to keep the eternal flame of football lit while the ideals of sportsmanship are desecrated.

If South Africa 2010 is a success, there is less embarrassment for FIFA's executives. They already have the obscene wealth and the haughty positions secured.

The one thing that they do not need is an embarrassment and that is why they get an embarrassing situation handed to them on a silver "Blatter" as a preview before the main course is duly served.

Oh, What will World Cup 2010 be like? Imagination is more important than Knowledge in a Quantum Mechanical kind of way :-)

One cannot blame the player who handled the ball. Thierry Henry is the latest unfortunate athlete to demonstrate once again that the bigger and more sportsman like they are, the harder they fall in absurdly ironic fashion.

The Gillette spokesman's team was cutting it close to being an "injury time" goal from being outsiders looking in rather than joining the fray of 32 finalists.

We can guess that what happened was the "best a man can get".

At least we can give him credit for admitting the truth after the fact.

But then again, he knew the replays will never let him live it down, ever.

The "Hand of Gaul" will be Henry's legacy unless FIFA and/or his Federation do the right thing and atone and allow a replay for the sake of sportsmanship.

But there are too many thin air created monetary units and egos at stake so they'd rather be shamed into dissolving the illusion that FIFA's mantle is "FAIR PLAY".

Just like the last minute "FAIR PLAY" or reseeding the 8 European playoff teams just in case wealthy large population countries were pitted against each other.

We wouldn't want hundreds of thousands of thin air unit/computer credit paying fans to stay at home for the World Cup, do we.

After all, FRANCE, FIFA, FFF are in a race to the bottom with Italia and other contenders for the cheaters' crown and they must not disappoint.

Maradona did not have the internet viral media as a tool to hound him for the "Hand of GOD" goal.

"The Hand of Gaul" goal is another situation since there is plenty of time for a replay before the December World Cup draw and there exists infinite discourse soapbox chatter bandwidth to dissect all aspects of the situation.

Argentina and England did not have the luxury of a match replay in 1986, or the assistance of instant access to conclusive replay technology.

A full match replay would have caused an unfair advantage to Belgium and Germany and may have completely altered the face of Football let alone World Cup 1986.

The "Hand of GOD" transgression was not as clearly seen as the "Hand of Gaul" infraction. There were too many players around the latter, causing more shame and the indignation of a whole nation to be shared all around.

Maradona is getting his just desserts now, better late than never, even if he scored arguably the most magnificent goal in World cup History in the same game.

Let's hope History does not repeat itself for Thierry Henry. He seems to be an outstanding individual and athlete by all accounts.But outward media related appearances can be deceiving.

If the players knew that a Video replay system was present that could sanction their undesirable but instinctual survivalist behavior to perform at all costs, they would think twice before letting a rush of blood to their brain get the best of them and tarnish the integrity of the game in the process.

They would handle the ball less. They would feint phantom fouls less. They would also display less vicious behavior when fouling maliciously or out of fight or flight base DNA execution.

If there is an additional referee present to monitor unsportsmanlike behavior by players, coaches, and referees, then fans may have a better game.

If a referee Czar(for lack of a better term) is present and can hand out Yellow and Red cards to all participants in a game( including out of control referees), the game may be saved from the disintegration it is destined for on its current path.

It is better to hold your head up high in a defeat where your team gave its all than an unjust and hollow victory that brings shame to a whole nation.

People have been deluded into thinking that modern championship athletes and teams also win at cheating in addition to being more talented and having the most determination to win.

That is not so. There are many variables at play and following the thin air printed/computer generated fiat monetary units will open eyes to what is really going on.

Lest we forget the Spygate controversy, the parade of enhanced athletes cheating their way to cycling tour victories and baseball stats, record books and record salaries of thin air printed monetary units.

The Organization that is FIFA, lest anyone forget, is a Monopoly with a profit minded motivation in order to maintain monopolistic dominance over a sport it did not create.

There are ways that can counter monopolistic and monolithic institutions.

If a much better capitalized institution were to rise and challenge FIFA's dominance, FIFA will not be able to compete and would be emasculated as a governing organization of football competition.

FIFA has been bestowed with organizing the World's premier sporting event: A high honor that is being mishandled and mismanaged due to letting thin air units cloud judgment.

Replay technology has to be used as a deterrent against the continual display of unsportsmanlike conduct by not just players, but referees, coaches, club and national executives, and last and definitely not least: organizing executives.

Like it or not, FIFA's image has been tarnished. It is not too late to change ways since it the corruption has not yet tarnished it beyond repair.

The public is more informed than ever thanks to the latest technology.

FIFA executives think that a dangerous precedent is set if France VS Ireland is allowed to be replayed.

They do not know that a dangerous precedent has already been set in previous World Cups.

Players and persons attached to the game know that if their infractions are not spotted and chastised live during games, they can get away with being dishonest and hereby destroy the integrity of the game for fame, fortune, pride and the rest of that which separates humans from each other.

Cheaters will be more emboldened to commit additional infractions to the point that an unacceptable number of games will become points of controversy.

The technology did not exist in the past. Neither did FIFA nor many advances in the game. If we go back far enough into the past, the game of Football did not exist either.

Football has evolved. The Planet has evolved. FIFA needs to evolve and pay attention to the people that pay its salary and to the people that take part in its games for without them, it ceases to exist as an organization.

As long as Human beings continue to inhabit this Planet, Football will be played and World Championships arranged when feasible.

The same cannot be said of FIFA. Organizations can be replaced by better forms of Organization.

In a World teetering on the brink of a second Great Depression, anything is possible, including the eventual dismissal of an organization in managing the World's most popular sport.

That includes the eventual repudiation of thin air/computer generated debt money as a means of making Society function by means of covet and striving for survival.

A change can start as an infection to the body of the Bank, pestilence and Warfare model of modern reality.

If a galvanized effort to organize and fund raise a new tournament is initiated, the players( all of them) will come. And so will the fans.

Monopolist monoliths that fail to listen to the voice of reason are left behind just like the once dominant Dinosaurs that ruled this Planet.

Then they can have enough time to spend what remains in their coffers before monetary inflation and investment vehicle repudiation eliminates the "stored" value that makes them powerful.

In this modern usury/covet based world that we live in:

In GOD we trust.

All else pay cash, until monetary units are printed/computer generated into oblivion and become meaningful only to the nostalgic Ferengi types.

“Fifa is the ruler of the game and we have to abide by what they say,”

When should a created entity be the ruler of Football?

Why shouldn't there be an independent and non biased governing body that is completely separate from the profit minded organizer and fund raiser of Football events?

FIFA is a commercial entity that is a defacto dominant Monopoly.

A true governing body should be a not for profit entity whose ideals are solely based on protecting the integrity of the sport above all else for in the end, nothing else matters. Not even Fiat monetary units nor seats of fleeting power.



"Losers need to Win. Winners need competition"
"Real Winners never cheat. Cheaters never really win"
"You can kill 'em with kindness or you can Qui L'aime with SAR chasm"

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Complain-Sun-See sets in the TRAPazoidal once again

Fear always seems to strike the hypocrisy of most of the participants of a monetized wealth dislocation zero sum game.

Why mark a republic of hyper inflated monetary supply that does nothing but lead to destruction?

Banking on a warfare model leads to a fractal well fare system.

500 million dollar CEO's that do not see the sun outside their C suite must ask themselves:

Is it the manifest will of a higher order that I must brutally execute the obsessive CON pulsive DNA sequence that makes me and my staff live and breath the C'est Dure Dure D'etre bebe kids of a Saint-Exupery 'd story of the 501st million of the busyness man?

CHARItable Cretin Executing Orders?

CEO ---> CHERI baby, can you get off the conference room TABLE, we're about to
E RAY SSSssss another CON petit TOR.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You create a monster, you break it, you own it and you cry when you make it bite you :f- r ---> :-

S&P Golden ratio retrace of 10/6( 1.67 rounded) * March 9 09 bottom of 666.79 = 1113.54 ( This was hit yesterday)

This is the key that is being technically used as the "blue horse shoe" tipping point that ended the rally.

Do you think front running Bear Meredith Whitney(demonstrating some extra congratulatory socialite scene party circuit gained kilos) was paraded on BABELvision by accident yesterday?

Hyperinflation does not set in until desperation sets in.

Desperation sets in not with a rising market due to a falling dollar but with a completely decimated market that a manifested 80% drop from here in tandem with the cohort of continued inflation of private sector job losses.

The experiment that is socialized capitalism ends with the ardent thin air capitalists begging the socialists to stop capitalism since it is losing them 10x their leveraged derivative "bet".

The true capitalists are left unable to sell their wares to a bankrupted and bondage enslaved debtor populace.

The unveiling of the Pyramid/Ponzi scheme/zero sum game that our modern "economic" reality is built upon is a gradual process.

The Debt is slowly being monetized but it has not been repudiated yet.

Once the debt is repudiated a choice must be made of either printing non usury based fiat work units to pay back the debt to those that created something in exchange for it or a complete repudiation which creates chaos since the Chinese(and the rest of the people who "worked" for the debt) are not going to be happy holding a bag of worthless dollars, especially if they are part of the permanent council of war product manufacturers.

The usurious thin air/credit creators are not going to be happy when their power is removed but their problem is that they financed a War machine in the process of the accumulation of their ultimately worthless thin air printed empire has no clothes machination.

Their threats against sovereign states are ultimately hollow since some of the sovereign states under their bondage have people working on some special technologies that lead all the way to the 27 security clearances above that of the POTUS.

The self professed Masters of the Universe have not mastered the basic understanding of you make it, you break it, you own it.

They thought that they were the Puppet masters when in reality they are merely the usurious/abominable master puppets and the true puppeteer does not have nor need a mountain of thin air created/usury extorted units.

These words have a high probability of falling on the deaf ears of Golden Calf/Bull Market worshiping 4D units.

Monday, November 16, 2009

S&P Has finally hit the Golden ratio/occult magic number of 1111

The thin air fiat money printers/binary zero bank account adders wanted to monetize their way out of the mess that they created.

They have successfully done so but are looking for a way out before allowing their mostly dollar denominated assets to hyperinflate in value if the dollar's free fall accelerates.

As much as the inflationary growth in the nominal value of their assets has made them seem super profitable and healthy, they are still lovers of money at heart and greedy by default since money is the obsessive compulsive addiction of choice that they have manifested in their 4D journey in our Universe.

They are still looking to increase the value of their profits while protecting their intrinsic worth and the way to do that is to look for bag holders of the risky assets that a carry trade of a monetized dollar bubble has caused.

I do not sense the same energy I felt the minutes they bottomed the market at 666 on March 9 2009. On that day, I felt this "rush" to want to buy.

1111 is less occult than 666 and that maybe a reason why the energy level is different but market bottoms have violent capitulation reversals and market tops are not known for violent drop offs since people are still on the greed side of the boat that has not started to accelerate the tipping to the other side.

Once the tipping accelerates, 1111 occult top will not be noticed by the multitudes that are "shocked" to see the same collapse occur again at an accelerated path.

It will not be a straight trip down to the bottom but people must notice that the current rate of market rise will have us breaking all time records within a few months.

The experienced traders have not seen anything like this because they were not alive during Weimar republic Germany and most likely have not lived in a foreign country whose currency was repudiated.

The disconnect between the stock market's violent rise and the massive unemployment that is causing consumers to cut back severely can only be masked by monetized bailouts for so long until people figure out that printing our way out of the problem will be the death nail in the coffin of our empire.

Jim Rogers is one of the few people who understands what is really going on except he does not see the hidden manipulative "blue horse shoe" call via occult/technical numbers.

Looking back at the S&P Bottom of 666.79 x Golden ratio of 10/6(rounded to 1.67) gives us an S&P of 1113.54

It would be interesting to see whether we hit this number exactly today and whether or not this will trigger a sharp sell off that marks the top. It would be surprising for there to be a blow off top since every big time speculating fund and International(especially) and Wall street pro is using the dollar carry trade to fuel cocaine high level gains while tipping the boat over not to the other side as usual but an actual capsizing.

Taking out socialist style subsidized car sales gains that skewed the retail sales gain numbers by 1.2 bps as opposed to the .2bps gain minus autos, one has to gasp at the anemic growth displayed knowing well the difference in commodity prices between now and last year is astounding.

Take out the wealth effect multiplier and all the subsidies and dollar price erosion and you arrive at a shocking actual drop in GDP output no matter how you slice it but most people(economists included) are not adept at understanding gigantic zero sum based systems and the intricacies of interaction between their sub components.

The average non market buoyed consumer feels it and soon the sugar rush beneficiary up market consumer will also feel it.

Destroying your own currency is the last desperate attempt to stem the tide from oblivious decline of your empire but most are not prescient to look the problem in the eye while it is still growing.

Hindsight is always 20/20 but foresight is legally blind.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

The liquidation of a nation Part 2: willing participation

The following are your natural and free protectors against flu: vitamin D, enough antioxidants, a healthy lifestyle which limits processed foods so you don't become Hansel and Grettle circa 2010.

Fear causes anxiety which causes depression and the resultant stress overload weakens your immune system to the point of succumbing to the latest flu by your cookoo's nest fractured and obediently fearful psyche.

Remember what was said and think about why: those who seek to save their life will surely lose it and those who seek to lose their life will surely save it.

You cannot live life like the boy in the plastic bubble. you have been given the keys to protection but have chosen to rebel against knowledge, righteousness and each other causing unending headaches of who wants to be first in line to get a vaccine that is untested at large and that has been under patent processing for several years.

Those who want to be first shall be last and those who choose to be last for the sake of others shall be first implies that those who selfishly want to save themselves before others end up naturally weakening their own immune system due to their selfishness while those that help others via self sacrificing acts of unselfish behavior end up gaining strength and protection in our universal matrix.

They say one hearty laugh is good for 24hrs of immunity replenishment.

Think of it this way: It took 17 centuries for Isaac Newton to figure out the 2nd law of thermodynamics while a Carpenter from the past already laid it out clearly using a metaphor to stop the chain of violence except people ignored him and chose to end him on a + metaphor death device.

How you say? What arrogant nonsense that is spouted?

Well here it is laid unthick: extrapolation of for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction by turning the other cheek.

if someone strikes you, the natural thermodynamic reaction is to strike back in order to maintain the essence of law#2: eye for an eye leaving blindness over the land.

if you choose to turn the other cheek at a transgression against thyself, you have risen above the thermodynamic cycle of violence and hate.

Here it is using simple math:

Striking person loses 1 point striking you. You lose 1 point striking back. 1-1=0

1-1=0 is visual demonstration of a resultant vicious circle represented by the circular 0, not only being the absence of value but also the sum total of all possible values of positive and negative integers.

Therefore zero O is dualistic in that it is nothing and everything all at once.

If someone strikes you and you turn the other cheek and do not strike back, they lose 1 point and you lose none but there is a catch for them since Thermodynamics extrapolation states that a reaction is required and that means they have the cup of wrath of judgment poured on them 2X punishment for their transgression and your lack of response.

2x punishment is -2 points for them and +2 points for yourself.

In the Garden of E.DIN man's downfall came via a snake.

Draw a snake on a blackboard and you get a crude negative sign -

Therefore a mathematical interpretation of the fall of man states the following for modern man who understand what a minus (-) sign is when primitive man only understood a snake: Man's downfall from grace was due to man's negativity.

There lies the hyper dimensional encryption key that is needed to solve the puzzle and provide deeper and multi-threaded understanding.

Or you can ignore the basic math and physics and head down and get swine flew'd but beware that it comes with a price: over 30 possible side effects per the CDC website.

Man has only been around for a short period of time when compared to the eternal existence of the consciousness that manifested this reality we call our universe out of pure thought. this consciousness gave us natural protection that we are not using.

Instead, we are busy vaccinating needlessly against the flu every year and thereby overstimulating our immune system to fight a foreign agent that has several mammal components in it that could cause it to replicate a lot before being fought and defeated. constant fighting of unnecessary wars( hmmm!) subjects the body to decomposition at the microscopic level in preparation for its deterioration and early retirement from our 4D reality due to unnecessarily over activation of its defense mechanisms which each needless vaccination aside from the vital ones.

and people wonder why them become pale horses and start coming down with all types of sickness as they age.

Or as Pink floyd succinctly phrased it: as the iron turns to rust so do the proud men turn to dust.

it is humanity's arrogance in thinking that it has total control that gets the best of it in a cyclical fashion that constantly repeats leaving some to worship a Golden calf in the past and a Bull market in the present.

Same difference.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Will there be an 1111 trifecta at 11:11 on 11/11 ?

Next Wednesday, the racketeers have the perfect alignment of occult 1111 numerology to top the market. Let us hope that they do not also have a literal and figurative blow off top. Let's pray that they do not blow off anybody's top since that causes people to cease to be part of our BASIC 4D REALITY.

Let us also hope that they do not set the top off via one of their champagne party celebrations of death as they usually do when they unleash their putty put schemes like they have done in the past on another occult day they chose to alter human history this decade, a decade known as the lost decade.

It is with a feeling of great disgust that these words are spoken at the veiled but completely obvious manipulation of History always at the expense of the commoners and not the elitists.

Based on the Golden ratio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_ratio

from the previous bottom, we can predict the EXACT coming top before the next bottom.

The previous bottom in the Satan's and Poor's index was 666. The Golden ration is 1.618 * 666 = 1077.588

but that is not good enough for the racketeers since they like lots of 666's so if you take 10/6= 1.666666666.....

multiply 10/6 * 666 = 1110 which would be their top if they were not so fond of 1111 that it would even reach the geometry of the richest religious entities buildings and their calendar equivalents.

So don't be shocked if the exact top is not engineered secretly in broad daylight
at 11:11 AM on November 11th giving us S&P 1111.11 before they tank it hard in unison.

Let's hope they don't create a premeditated event to cause the tanking since that would imply multiple levels of suffering by the masses in order to enrich the few.

And the beat goes on, even on Veteran's day.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

All that Glitters left the planet long ago

Our fetish with Gold is borne out of our ancient history.

The Ancient Flying saucer Cargo Cult cross breeders/gene splicers of "man" had a need for Gold.

They needed it mined supposedly for the atmosphere of their Planet.

They mined it themselves until they got tired and created the slaves by splicing their DNA with the most intelligent of Earth's inhabitants, making sure to remove the genes that gave the creatures enormous physical strength so technically we did not evolve but got some extra"special"terrestrial sauce spliced with devolved earth matter.

Per ancient Sumerian Archeological findings, the Spaceshipers called the modified being "Looloo Amelou" and voila "modern" man was born and bred......for slave labor.

Too bad some of the modern Archeologists who discovered this fact did not even know that today the Aramaic word "looloo" stands for precious jewelry(usually pearls) and "amelou" means worker hence jewelry worker or mine worker for the tools.

The descendants of the mine slaves became genetically and socially conditioned to value Gold above all else and since most of it was mined away vs the majority of the rest of the elements, it became very precious and very hard to mine since the easy stuff was already mined by the ones who rode on the Chariots of "fire"(aka spacecraft) of the myriad of ancient religious texts, Sumerian cuneiform tablets and passed down Gilgameshistic Noah tales that survived constant Earth changes like floods, volcanic activity, tectonic plate/polar/crustal shifts.

The most fantastic thing about this tale is that it is the fact that shaped our history but don't let that bother the people who think they've got it all figured out and are laughing at the "absurdity" of such a tale.

You can get back to hoarding that Gold but unless you are adept at converting it to something that is needed for human sustainability, what will you do when the coming massive solar flare melts it all around you if not on you if you like wearing it?

Drink it? Wait for it to cool down and eat it?(yes I know about the $1000 Gold sprinkled dessert)

Barter away post apocalypse necessities for it?

In a post disaster world, even fools would not care for Gold unless it can improve their life of get them off the mortal coil to another planet that may be more hospitable to human life.

It's the final countdown. The only question is: can we terraform Venus and nudge it to a more hospitable location?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Hansel and Grettle Healthcare: The liquidation of a nation

The ones that print money out of thin air and enslave the world's population in exchange for the money have been busy executing their plans to liquidate the United States of America due to the fact that it is a nation that consumes 30% of the World's resources while having only 5% of the population.

They can print money out of thin air but unfortunately for them, they cannot print another planet out of thin air.

Their puppets are preaching economic growth and a better environment.

Economic growth only increases the depletion of Earth's natural resources, replacing Nature's delicate balance with busyness and paper profits.

Human beings have always fought over dwindling resources. Competition has been ingrained in most human beings since grade school. Cooperation is not preached
and is in fact looked at as a weakness since the market believes in the mantra of:

In order for me to win, everybody else must lose.

Economic growth is critical, evidently more important than health and happiness.

Continuous economic growth is the only thing that can "guarantee" jobs growth and stock market profit "growth".

There is something else that grows endlessly also. It's called cancer and it continues to grow until it eliminates its host.

Profit growth is more important than humanity's growth and sustaining a dignified existence on this planet.

Profit growth is important for the enslavement of an entire population of a planet but when the profit growth gets to overtake the sustainability of life on this planet, the money out of thin air printing profit growers create wars and unleash pestilences in order to cull the herd to a level that depletes the planet's resources in a manner that can lead to efficient replenishment.

The liquidation of a nation starts with the deterioration of the health of a nation.

to be continued......

Monday, September 21, 2009

Selfishness is the seed that manifests into the root of all that is called evil

While this may be superficially seen as a diatribe on the ins and out of a violent sport called American Football, there is always more to be discovered if one refrains from jumping to conclusions and skins a little deeper.

Only an out of control mule has to be physically restrained by his assistant to remind him not to call time out since it would be ill advised to do so late in the game when trying to run out the clock against your opponent.

Only a mule would fail to instruct one of his mules not to run out of bounds to stop the clock late in the game when running out the clock dramatically increases the odds towards victory.

Only a mule would not figure out that half of offensive game plans are trickery not by trick plays but by misdirection plays and misdirection tactics such as passing out of running formations and running out of passing formations and running and passing to daylight by misdirection and basically being unpredictable in order to confuse the defense since your team is not gifted enough to bludgeon them with their physical prowess.

Not always running on second down after a failed 1st down throw and not always running when near your goal line and the opponent's.

Only a mule would play conservatively the whole game and then go for risky 4th down plays with the lead late in the game.

Only a mule would keep repeating the same failed game plans and questioning criticism of a Hall of Fame Quarterback and following his own Hall of self diluted thinking.

Only a mule would prevent his quarterback from letting it rip no matter what may happen in order to prevent soul killing displays of offensive futility such as were on display against one of the most inept teams in the league.

Some QB's are allowed the freedom to throw as they may please which some time leads into throws into double and triple coverage and yet there is one QB who commits a sin when he attempts to run out of his red-lines-all-across prison box that his mule of a coach has created for him.

Only a mule would keep drafting the most physically gifted mental midgets to mirror his Napoleonic stature and only a mule would ignore warnings to improve his weakest links 1) That being his offensive line 2) the intellectual capacity of his players who constantly commit the most undisciplined penalties as a display of their feeble minds' lack of self control over their own bodies let alone their opponents.

Like attracts like even among mules.

Only a mule would not figure out how disrespected his passing attack is when everybody he plays against crowds the line of scrimmage and plays press coverage 100% of the time.

Only a selfish (selfishness is the number one form of Godlessness) mule would overpay for a lineman whose greatest claim to fame is the level of his glutenous appetite, constantly tearing his own body parts in a seemingly annual celebration of defiling his temple with a voracious body destroying dietary intake.

Only a mule would keep hiring players that have run out of locations to place physical markings to desecrate the temple of the eternal spirit that manifested everything.

Only a mule would allow his players to prematurely celebrate the simple achievement of a first down or a good tackle as a sign of their hollow accomplishment, only to constantly fail to score or stop a time killing opponent drive that may end up in a score that kills the soul before the body.

And only a mule such as myself would continue to waste his time following such a disgusting display of futile selfishness while attempting to reach the mules that he watches toiling in futility and finally reaping what they sow: a calamitous Whirlwind.

Selfishness is more dangerous than standing armies and more heinous than the love of money that is the root of all evil. Selfishness is the seed out of which the root of all evil grows.

For selfishness in a world of selfishness rewards itself with the ultimate form of selfishness: the destruction of everything around it including itself in its effort to save itself and appease itself at the expense of everything else.

In a closed system such as Planet Earth, selfishness is akin to a slow but sure suicide of the species.

In its own eyes, selfishness never errs but is always erred against.
In its own heart, selfishness is hurt but never the one that hurts.
In the fullness of its pride, selfishness is an empty vessel.
Selfishness anoints itself savior of itself at the expense of everything other than itself which is suicidal in a closed system.

Selfishness is the choice that creates Evil where Evil did not exist for Evil is the manifestation of the overwhelming accumulation of the selfishness of an individual or a collective.

Friday, September 18, 2009

If a forest fell on anybody's ear, will a tree hear it?

There is a racket that is running money, pure and simple.

Since they were given the biggest supply and have the most insider information by controlling the Government of the United States even prior to the latest debacle, they will do whatever they want with the market regardless of reality.

There was a reason why the Bottom of the S&P was 666 just like the twin coincidences of S&P closing price and the New York pick 3 lotto on the 1st anniversary of the September 11th attacks being the numbers 911.

As the coincidences continue to coincide in coincidental fashion, attention is paid even if people prefer to ignore the past as they repeat it.

This has all the makings of an occult mafia running the world.

The next occult number of significance in front of the S&P index is 1111.

Do not be surprised at them pulling the rug on this whole bear market rally when the S&P reaches 1111.

Yes, I know it sounds pretty lunatic and paranoid conspiracy theory 101 but if they are doing it and you see them doing it then that's the only thing that makes sense even if it sounds completely insane.

You can laugh at all these statements right now and ignore the message only to see it happen and sometimes not even make the connection as it happens.

There are way too many forecasts of financial collapse happening on or soon after Oct 25th.

The sources are varied and one of them just left Government Sachs in disgust and that person is saying this October.

So we have to figure out what is the trigger point?

A) Israel vs Iran war morphing into a disaster of a WW3?
B) Swine Flu related scenario(manufactured or real)?
C) Collapse of the Fed or of the Dollar or the release of damaging secrets?
D) Natural Disaster?
E) Something else unforeseen?

Now if they figure out that we are on to their game, they will change the date.

But if we keep it on the lowdown and they ignore our statements then we will have the proof against them by telling the world what the occult mafia is going to do before they do it.

Amos 5:26-27 But ye have born the tabernacle of your Moloch, and Chiun (Remphan) your images, the STAR OF YOUR GOD, which ye made to yourselves.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

To the Moon, Alice

It's a V shaped recovery after all. The only problem is they forgot to tell people that it's a V shaped recovery for inflation of food and energy, the basic necessities of life.

The bailout that was supposed to prevent Financial Armageddon prevented it. The only problem is they did not tell you that it prevented the end of the failed fiat money printing institutions masquerading around as a central bank.

I feel bad for Ben Bernanke. You can hear the fear in the tone of his voice. He is going to be blamed for something that he was forced to do as the puppet of the controllers of our miserable money based enslavement bondage reality.

This Bailout created no real economic growth whatsoever unless you count the increase in High frequency Trading by Government Sachs as productive growth.

Jobs are still disappearing because the real economy that is 70% dependent on an over leveraged consumer is still shrinking at a rate faster than even the money printers can devalue our currency to provide the % increases required for endless real and fictitious growth demanded by the non productive entities on Wall Street that worship today's Bull Market with the same Zeal that human ancestors worshiped the Golden Calf.

History not only repeats itself but it does so in the most ironic fashion.

Years from now, if humanity makes it that far, future humans will look back with disdain and shake their heads at how primitive the height of our supposedly "enlightened" modern society currently is.

The rise in the market is partially coming at the expense of the declining value of the dollar therefore to a foreigner whose money is spent in something other than dollars, the moves are not as great as the general public perceives them to be.

You have a cartel of bankers(disguised as a central bank) attempting to use public money to bail themselves out of a problem that they created.

They are arrogant enough to think that they can continue to print money without a serious decline in the value of the currency with the belief that its world reserve status will protect it.

Since we are dealing with the biggest of all macro systems, the currency devaluation problem won't show its head until it becomes so severe that it will be too late to control.

At that point, it will become a crisis of confidence and when dealing with human psychology, all bets are off since irrational behavior becomes the norm.

The same thing happened in Weimark republic Germany. They monetized their debt to the point of printing their currency out of existence.

We have not seen the brunt of the inflationary forces since the amount of money created has been confined to the debt coffers of the failed banking system. Once it is unleashed, it will be like a torrent of inflation that will be so rapid that few will know what hit them until it's too late.

The controllers of the people running the US Government rigged the game and the longer they go on with this charade the more dire the consequences but that may be what they intended after all.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If S&P 666 was the "agreed" upon bottom, will the S&P bear market rally top be 1111?

On the one year anniversary of 911, the S&P closed at 911 simultaneously as the New York Lotto Pick 3 numbers were 911.

You may think it is an absurdity to have such a massive market rigging conspiracy where the bottom happens to be an occult number such as 666 until you see all the corporations that "matter" in this world have street addresses such as 333 on the 33rd floor with suite 33 or 330 or 333( 1/3 being the supposed number of the Biblical Nephelim)

Government Sachs calling tops by upping projections and bottoms by lowering them cannot all be coincidence.

What is really staggering is the amount of silence that is observed by the people who are knowledgeable of this massive defrauding of the United States and the poor people of the world in general.

If GS's tentacles are plugged into the order flow of the stock exchange in effect not allowing even a small fish to go long/short something without paying their pound of flesh, when will this end?

You can only keep playing Monopoly until you have taken everyone else's money and then the game is over for the thieves.

The question is: will those that can change this trajectory we're headed toward speak up or will they lament when the average joe takes justice into their own hand and act out violently to counter the theft of the nation?

If the S&P tops out at exactly 1111 in Sep/Oct, does everyone stay silent and allow these bankers to continue their fraud of buying each other's stocks and then pumping the market with all the liquidity generated by the Pseudo Government Agency known as the FED which is 90% controlled by these same bankers who were in effect bailed out by themselves?

When will the "mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore" populace show up?

When there's banker blood in the streets?

Do we have to let things get that ugly before we do something about it?

Ponder that as the market rocket ship continues unabated.

Monday, August 03, 2009

The Hyper Chrononaut Phenomenon

The Web bots are predicting the emergence/revealing of "Hyper-Chroniacs" very soon within our society.

Google the subject to get more background information otherwise this post has little meaning without further investigation.


If You are tripping, chances are you are not a hyper-chroniac or you are unable to control it.

Being a hyper-chroniac allows you to experience space time on a hyper dimensional slope.

It is not about having an experience similar to a bad acid trip( Thankfully, from the descriptions, I'd like to stay ignorant from knowing such an experience)

I don't think polluting your brain/body with addictive/mind altering substances is the way to becoming a hyper-chrononaut.

In fact, doing so may make you anything but a hyper-chrononaut.

I will provide you with an example of what being a hyper-chrononaut is possibly similar to:

Since I was a child, I've had recurring dreams of having a hard time walking in surroundings that were not familiar to me.

If you read my links, you will have actual proof and not conjecture of the actuality of my statements.

Needless to say, I have documented my pre-cognitive dreams prior to their actual happening and the proof is a glimpse of the future that is verifiable via a stock market forum posting almost 3 years prior to its occurring.

Here is actual proof of time jumping hyper-chroniac ability:


I have had so many pre cognitive dreams especially within the last few years that it has gotten to the point of the sublime paradox where I even mention in my dreams of the future that I have dreamed this moment before only for the moment to occur within weeks, months or 4-6 years.

My question to myself is: Am I actually dreaming the future via reception of time retarded electro magnetic waves or am I actually hyper jumping back and forth and even altering my parallel reality by doing so?

Also, this does not just pertain to dreams.

When I am in peak mental/physical condition you can see my hyper-chroniac condition by the way I play defense in pickup basketball games. Needless to say, when you are able to predict and jump to the next location where the ball is headed and defend several 2 and 3 on 1 breakaways, this is manifestation of a higher order.

Unlike the bad acid and drug trippers who've posted previously on this thread, it is easy to distinguish the higher thought patterns and veracity of statements with the added bonus of having actual proofs.

Here are a few dream predictions of what is to be:

Look up at the skies and they are very red and there are things that are hidden there whether in actuality or via implementation of a mass project blue beam hoax.

Lots of flying objects crashing down to the earth from the red skies.

Now here is an electromagnetic thought distilling of all the information gathered.

At this moment the power of the world is gathered at Broad and Wall Street. Within 10 years, people will be eating each other at such locations and I mean that in the actual literal sense as opposed to the financial eating of others of today.

It is all because we concentrated on a make belief economic calamity and ignored the earth changes drought based actual calamity.

There is only one Last chance to prevent Isaiah 49:26

Isaiah 5 is now happening:

Disaster is Coming

5:8 Those who accumulate houses are as good as dead,
those who also accumulate landed property until there is no land left,and you are the only landowners remaining within the land.

5:9 The Lord who commands armies told me this:

“Many houses will certainly become desolate,
large, impressive houses will have no one living in them.

5:10 Indeed, a large vineyard will produce just a few gallons,and enough seed to yield several bushels will produce less than a bushel.”

5:11 Those who get up early to drink beer are as good as dead,those who keep drinking long after dark
until they are intoxicated with wine.



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Delerium's "Silence" lyrics explained

give me release
witness me
i am outside
give me peace
heaven holds a sense of wonder
and i wanted to believe that i'd get caught up
when the rage in me subsides

choke the flower
'til she cries no more
possessing all the beauty
hungry still for more

heaven holds a sense of wonder
and i wanted to believe that i'd get caught up
when the rage in me subsides

in this white wave, i am sinking, in this silence
in this white wave, in this silence i believe

i can't help this longing
comfort me
i can't hold it all in
if you won't let me

heaven holds a sense of wonder
and i wanted to believe that i'd get caught up
when the rage in me subsides

in this white wave, i am sinking, in this silence
in this white wave, in this silence i believe
i have seen you, in this white wave, you are silent
you are breathing, in this white wave i am free



I like how everyone reveals a little secret about themselves when they explain what this song is about whether it's about some experience they have sexual or otherwise, abortion....

but almost everybody missed the point of this since they have no frame of reference of what this song is about.

Here's how I see it:

give me release ("from this pain" was later added in the Oakenfold 2000 mix)
witness me
i am outside

This is not about someone watching someone else experiencing orgasm, no matter how enraptured they seem.

The lyricist is asking for release from the pain of daily life since life is tough for most people especially if they try to be good.

"Witness me, I am outside"

She is proclaiming her faith and before you shut your mind to this explanation, she mentions getting caught up as in Biblical "rapture" referenced by Jesus telling people to go "outside" and leave everything they are doing in order to get caught up in the air where if you go far out in the atmosphere it becomes very silent since sound needs air as a medium to travel in and there is little to no air up there making it silent.

"n this white wave, i am sinking, in this silence
in this white wave, in this silence i believe
i have seen you, in this white wave, you are silent
you are breathing, in this white wave i am free "

She is making another statement about her belief here.

"The White wave" is a reference to the righteous who are clothed in "white" as in purity since they have either purity in them or they have been purified

People might mistake this as a racial thing but you need not look with your eyes but your heart and for those who are still clueless

White people are not really white( Most are pinkish or pale in texture)
Black people are not really black( brown texture)

Believe it or not, there are lots of people who are offended with a "Blond blue eyed" Jesus that they refuse to believe based on having been treated badly by people as such just like there are people who will lose their religion when they really see Jesus and he does not look like they expect him to look.

But let's get back on subject here:

Se states that she believes because she has seen the white wave and more important she has seen the one who is breathing( alive/resurrected) and is silent therefore he is in the upper atmosphere with her as they sink back down to Earth in a "white wave" of righteous people.

And that is why in this White wave she is free.

As far as a previous poster's alluding this song to sex and an intense orgasm, you're not really free... since it does not last but for a fleeting moment therefore it is not about an orgasm but something transcendental.

You don't get caught up to Heaven nor would it hold a sense of wonder since you've already previously experienced it if it were an orgasm( Heaven means the actual sky based on ancient Hebrew/Aramaic mentions in the Bible and not some other realm as misconstrued by many including even new testament writers)

"heaven holds a sense of wonder
and i wanted to believe that i'd get caught up
when the rage in me subsides "

Whomever wrote these lyrics has actually had a dream or a vision or imagined the actual "Rapture"

There is also another angle to look at the "white wave" When the sun has a massive solar burst known as the "Carrington Effect" a White Wave of light is actually seen on its surface as it ejects plasma towards the earth.

The lyricist might be referencing the Rapture's happening simultaneously with a White wave of Plasma that burns/severely damages the Earth as mentioned in several prophecies in the old testament referring to the "Day of the Lord".

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Challenge to the President of the United States

I would like issue a challenge to the President of the United States:

I have a better plan than the one President Obama's team is implementing and what I am wondering is:

How many bailouts will it take before you and the rest of the people who are trying to "rescue" the economy come to the realization that these bailouts are not going to work and start implementing my plan?

The Banks are on the hook for more than 11 Trillion dollars in losses. You can base this on their 10-30 times leverage in owning mortgages that vary from being worth cents on the dollar to being worth at best 60 cents on the dollar.

Their aggregate market cap is about 2 trillion dollars.

Implementing a PPIP plan of allowing privileged and wealthy institutions to use a public backstop to restart the Collateralize debt Mortgage market is wrong. It will spur more speculation and when you have speculation you end up having the few profiting from the misfortune of the multitude which is in a way against your socialist ideals provided that what your critics say about you is true and indeed you believe in socialism.

The only thing being socialized here is the risk and the losses. The potential profits far outweigh the risk when the US treasury is backstopping as much as 84% of possible losses and the private institutions only ending risking 7%.

This is 14 to 1 leverage using tax payer money. At least the banks went haywire and levered up their own balance sheets before destroying them with their 10-30 times leverage.

And now the banks paid back the TARP handouts which they did not use to recapitalize in order to lend and spur business growth and much needed help to families.

The banks used the money to speculate on their stock prices and the proof is in the pudding: one of the biggest short term rallies % wise in History.

Once banks paid back the TARP, the rally fizzled but they had already increased their stock prices enough to issue secondaries.

I believe this was the intent of the TARP even though it was not explicitly stated to the tax paying public.

If the TARP was actually used to lend money at the 10-1 fractional reserve rate then you would have seen business growth and jobs growth slow down or completely halt job losses.

The job losses have somewhat decelerated but are still piling on and will end up adding about 6 million additional lost jobs before it's all said and done, triggering a depression when using the prior to 1992 unemployment government labor statistic known as U6.

You want to save 4 million jobs and actually grow some jobs or do you want to recapitalize the banks so they can save their hide?

You cannot do both. You need more than 10 trillion to give to the banks so their worth can go from severely negative to zero. Then you will need another trillion given to them to start lending again.

You have been told if we let the banks fail, this will trigger a meltdown in the financial system that will end up in another Great depression or worse.

If you have 11 trillion to give to the banks, then I say go ahead and try this wrongheaded move and see where it takes us.

Before you even reach the 11 trillion needed by the banks, the treasury buying world will run out of money.

This will trigger a crisis and stop our ability of rolling over our debt which implies utter disaster since then you will truly be forced to monetize the debt Zimbabwe style and the dollar will lose most if not all its value.

The Federal Reserve is using the US Treasury to issue Treasury promissory notes. There are not enough buyers leaving Fed as the buyer of last resort of most of these notes.

This is absurd. It is akin to having a company "raise" money by issuing debt and turning around and being the majority buyer of its own debt.

We chastise banks for having created this mess by their use of leverage but do you realize that the Fed, based on their statement that their actual capitalization of 40 Billion dollars is true, is in fact currently levered at almost 50 to 1.

This is insanity. 50-1 leverage ratio is insolvency.

Therefore, Mr President. If you would like to actually prevent the eventual collapse without destroying the US dollar this is what must be done:

1) Create a National Bank and capitalize it with 1 Trillion dollars which turns into 10 Trillion of lending by this bank to consumers and businesses and when they take this money and deposit it in other banks that are not insolvent, the money is
lent out again and up to 74 trillion dollars is created to restart the economy.

If this is too much money supply then limit the amount created.

2) Let all insolvent banks fail and use their infrastructure as part of the new National Bank.

3) After the economy recovers, allow the bank to go public as multiple separate entities and pay back the tax paying public, therefor solving all our problems while averting both a Great Depression style deflation spiral and hyperinflation.

The only question left is: do you have what it takes to implement this plan knowing full well that most of the banks getting the bailout make up about 90% of the Federal Reserve's voting power and ownership?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Is "Swine flu" a natural or lab created viral mutation?

Swine flu fever has struck all forms of media seemingly overnight at a rate faster than the far deadlier bird flu.

Could it be due to the outbreak epicenter's proximity to the United States or is there something more sinister at play?

Are we looking at a natural mutation(H1N1) made up of a three headed combination of swine, bird(H5N1) and human based flu variants?

Is this scientifically possible without expert manipulation by biologists?

Where is all the expert scientific testimony to the possibility of the mutation of a virus that has 3 different strains from humans, birds and pigs?

So far this is an overwhelming majority of sensationalism and fear mongering by the media as opposed to interviews with experts who can provide more details as to the plausibility of such a virus without artificial lab based manipulation of three different virus strains.

What could raise suspicion to the veracity of the "natural" origin of Swine flu is the recollection of the original 1976 outbreak having "coincidentally" taken place a a US military base.

" The episode began in February 1976, when an Army recruit at Ft. Dix, N.J., fell ill and died from a swine flu virus thought to be similar to the 1918 strain. Several other soldiers at the base also became ill. Shortly thereafter, Wenzel and his colleagues reported two cases of the flu strain in Virginia.

"That raised the concern that the original cluster at Ft. Dix had spread beyond New Jersey," said Wenzel, former president of the International Society for Infectious Diseases. "



As the morning female CNN anchor smirks in announcing that this is the first Health crisis for newly elected President Obama, one cannot help but wonder why hasn't a major media outlet like CNN even mentioned the original 1976 epicenter of Swine flu?

They've had more than 48 hrs to follow up on this issue and so far Major television media remains silent about this. Is this due to a lack of available reports on the weekend?

( Updated, at 8:33 EST CNN finally mentions Fort Dix outbreak of 1976 in a 5 second sound byte. Don't you think that a more fleshed out news piece on the 1976 Fort Dix outbreak would be of interest?)

This is suspicious to say the least.

More angles on this developing story as time permits.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Goldman Sachs SPG Manipulation: The Proof is in the Price

Quick update:

There's no point in going over why it is the case but all Goldman Sachs near options expiration pumps seem to free fall the week after, further adding to the artificial nature of the stock moves

SPG is currently some 8$ or 17% down from Friday's highs and below the Goldman Sachs conviction buy list buy in and price targets.

Just another in a long list of stocks that Goldman Sachs needed to unload on unsuspecting investors and traders.

Having most likely gone short the same stocks they were pumping the last few weeks, is it any wonder that the market news and outlook went gloomy all of the sudden yesterday?

If Goldman Sachs and cronies covered enough shorts yesterday and went long, any guess as to what the end of day results would be at the casino?

We are already opening at the lows and going up.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Goldman Sachs and Thursday's trading activity in SPG

It looks like Goldman Sachs is back up to their old tricks again.

Anybody that saw today's noon onward monster ramp up in the price of Simon Properties Group(SPG) has to be wondering what was going on especially after the previous day's continuous upward move.

Shorts trying to cover in the face over Great news?

Let's have a closer look:

After the 2nd largest Mall owner General Growth Properties Inc. filed the biggest REIT bankruptcy ever, their competitor SPG opened near the lows of the day and did not do much for a couple of hours until seemingly out of nowhere or based on a programed trade, it staged a unrelenting upward move that left short term technical reading such as the RSI, slow and fast stochastic all at the highest overbought readings possible of 100 for over 3 hrs!

The spike looked very suspicious since it did not abate until a few minutes before the end of the day almost reaching the 50 options strike range after starting the day closer to the 40.

Could this have been a case of bullishness based on the idea that SPG can now pick up GGP property on the cheap?

If this thesis was the case for the massive upward mid day move in SPG, it turned out to be a false one after Hedge Fund manager Bill Ackman emphatically stated the following:

"Ackman Sees ‘Zero’ Chance of General Growth Fire Sale"

“The probability of Simon (Property Group Inc.) or the other mall REITs buying any of General Growth’s properties on the cheap is zero,” Ackman said in a telephone interview. General Growth is “not going to be forced to do anything because they’re in bankruptcy.”

Link -

Surely Goldman Sachs and their gang wasn't trying to stick it to this Blogger for mentioning the history of their recommendations and conviction buy list yesterday where SPG happens to be the latest addition.

Could it be Goldman's way of sticking it to anyone who's had posts linked to the blog site they're suing www.GoldmanSachs666.com ?

Lowly blogger conspiracy theories aside(cough, cough)

what could it have been?

BearishNews.com has an idea:

"Yesterday Goldman Sachs added Simon to their Conviction Buy List with a target of $46. This rec came exactly 3 weeks after Goldman, UBS, and Deutsche Bank completed a big offering equity/debt offering for Simon. GS held $177 million worth of SPG as of 12/31/08. RREFF America LLC , a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, held $330 million.

The basic gameplan for a investment bank bank like Goldman might look something like this:

1. Borrow dirt-cheap money from the Fed
2. Loan that money to risky commercial real-estate companies by underwriting juicy offerings (10.35% for the Simon debt, equity was ~8% discount to current price).
3. Collect fees from client(s), plus interest from the spread on the debt. If there’s not enough demand for the stock, keep it yourself, then proceed to steps 4 and 5.
4. Research dept adds stock to Conviction Buy List
5. (This step seems the least likely, but it’s possible.) If GS traders and Quant-funds were to brutally squeeze the stock higher, that would be icing on the cake for the whole deal, hypothetically. What’s to stand in the way? Dennis Gartman and a few dozen retail investors?

Sounds very profitable, and pretty foolproof to me. Unless, of course, the SEC gets involved like they did in 2003. That incident resulted in $110 million in fines for GS." Here are some excerpts:

The Complaint also alleges that Goldman Sachs published exaggerated or unwarranted research and failed to maintain appropriate supervision over its research and investment banking operations.

Goldman Sachs “aligned” its research, equities, and investment banking divisions to work collaboratively in order to fully leverage its limited research resources.

Goldman Sachs failed to establish and maintain adequate policies, systems, and procedures reasonably designed to ensure the objectivity of its published research."

Link to the Full details at - http://www.bearishnews.com/post/349


Goldman Sachs?


Surely you must been joking!

And the sound of a RICO beat goes on.....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why are Goldman Sachs recommendations wrong so often?

Last year,

In the midst of possibly the biggest commodities bubble in history, Goldman Sachs forecast $200 crude in the not too distant future.


Then before the end of the year, they went the other way stating it's headed to $25


Well, oil did not end up hitting either level but what it did do was crash not long after Goldman's $200 call and bottomed not long after Goldman's $25 call.

So if you had taken Goldman's advice, you would have been headed towards the poor house if not outright insolvency.

Just ask the now Bankrupt Semgroup who might have been victim to a short squeeze against their short oil position by Goldman Sachs' traders.

"Goldman’s commodities oil-trading desk has been linked to the failure of Semgroup Holdings, an oil-trading company in Tulsa, Okla., that declared bankruptcy in July 2008. Semgroup investors say Goldman had access to the company’s trading books and could have used that information against the company, according to Forbes."

source - http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/goldman-sachs-bailout-bonanza/story.aspx?guid={504CB844-C558-4E40-B928-80C16DECBC05}&print=true&dist=printMidSection"

A Goldman subsidiary who held physical oil for Semgroup refused to release the oil in order for Semgroup to use it to cover a margin call prior to their collapse.

When Katrina hit in 2005 and oil spike to around $80, Goldman forecast $150 oil. What did oil do? it promptly almost sold in half.

There is a mounting pile of evidence that Goldman takes the other side of many of their recommendations.

That politically correct wording for this dishonest is "counter party" to hedge funds, other banks, mutual funds and small investors alike.

After Bear Stearns collapsed last year, it was revealed last year that Goldman side stepped the collapse by being short many of the destined to be toxic securities that they created and sold to every institution that wanted to buy them.

This means in effect that they created a product they knew was going to be worthless and sold it twice.

Here are some charred remains of some of Goldman's top recommendation, what they term as their conviction buy list:

Apple at $181 on its way down to $80.
Electronic Arts at $49 on its way down to $14
Royal Caribbean cruises at $35 on its way down to $6
Amazon at $82 on its way down to $35.
State Street at $68 on its way down to $14.
United States Steel at $191 on its way down to $17

Most of these stocks have rebounded from their lows and Amazon is almost back at its Goldman recommendation but that did not help the people that were pushed out of the stock at much lower prices due to fear of losing everything or margin calls.

Yesterday, Goldman Sachs added a Simon Properties group(SPG) to their conviction buy list, prompting a short squeeze in the stock that accelerated and made shorts cover by the millions between 3 and 4 pm.


Today we find out that SPG's industry peer General Growth Properties has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which may cause selling pressure on the sector today.

"General Growth Properties Inc., the nation's second-largest mall operator, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection early Thursday after it failed to persuade a majority of its debt holders to give it more time to refinance billions of dollars in debt racked up during the housing boom."


It does not take much to connect the dots and surmise that Goldman Sachs knew that General Growth was about to file for bankruptcy since they are intimately connected to the inner circle of General Growth's debt holders if not one of them.

How's that for arrogance on Goldman's part?

Caveat emptor is the kindest thing to say of Goldman's recommendations.

Running the other way might be more prudent and for the bold traders out there, selling short what Goldman is selling usually leads to more profits than losing 50-80% buying their recommendations.

I had the sneaky suspicion that Goldman was up to something and looking to dump and the news today proved my suspicion to be true.

It is surprising that the media and the rest of the players on Wall Street continue to turn a blind eye to the constant dishonest manipulation committed by the supposed best traders on Wall Street.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hebrew slavery reminder day

Fellow inmates in the current monetary system based slave prison planet we call Earth,

Today, we celebrate our dependence day.

We are dependent on a system of enslavement known as the Private Banking monetary system - a system that is busy perpetuation the longest running and greatest Pyramid/Ponzi scheme ever known to humanity known as the stock market where a few print money for a living and trick the rest of humanity to work perpetuating a system that is the primary form of modern day enslavement.

Today the biggest problem in the world is a financial crisis that has left major banks insolvent since they were busy buying up highly illiquid securities made up from repackaged home and corporate loans made out to highly leveraged consumers and corporations who were busy bidding up prices that ended up ensnaring them in traps that are akin to tightening the noose and hanging themselves by their own thoughtless volition.

And even if you and I did not partake in this game of leverage, we are obligated to bail out the ones that did with our reward being that we can possibly return to the previous status quo and continue to prop up this system with the hope that we are smart enough that we can game it and gain wealth at the expense of the majority of the population of this planet who continuously to fall further and farther behind.

This is the message that we are being sold and even if we don't want to buy it, our bought and paid for politicians are forcing us to implement it since they would like nothing better than the status quo to continue so they can stay in the limelight and continue to pretend that they yield power.

All the while, the ones that have real power never really come forth into the spotlight.

The typical person is susceptible to being tricked into thinking that there are opposing forces in government and it is a good idea to choose a side to be on.

This message is constantly being perpetuated by the media that is owned by subsidiaries of subsidiaries that trace back to a small ownership group of people that create money out of thin air.

My thinking has boiled down to the whole thing being a perfectly circular and vicious cycle and here it goes.

Republicans are supposedly for Business, big and small.
Democrats are supposedly for Government, big and small.

In today's world you cannot start a business and grow it without angel investors who've made their money via gaming the system in addition to being entrepreneurial.

If you are lucky the above can fund you. For the rest of those aspiring to start a business, big and small, they need to go to the bankers.

The Bankers lend money borrowed at a discount from bigger bankers who print this money out of thin air and put it in play.

In order to thrive, these businesses need taxes to be low and they need plenty of tax breaks and they need the government to be involved in stimulating the economy if the economy is not strong enough to stand on its own in order for the owners and executives of these businesses to increase their net worth by converting options created out of thin air into cold hard cash via the Casino known as Wall Street.

When these businesses run into trouble by being slaves to their lenders at usurious rates they cannot sustain, they look to the court system for a forgiving of this debt but if they are too big to fail they look to the Government for bailout money that creates more debt for the people - debt that is not created by a not for profit government but by a for profit based private banking system masquerading as a public entity.

As the pendulum of debt swings from being pumped into the system to its required extraction, the rulers of our world remove the business advocating politicians and replace them with Government advocating politicians who are forced to increase our taxes so we can pay back the same money that went into the system by the money printers.

And that is why the political system is a vicious circle that has made me into what prescient future trends forecaster Gerald Celente terms as a "political atheist".

It is all just one big monopoly money zero sum game ponzi scheme. The whole thing. It is a manufactured problem that ends up causing many people to starve.

And as absurd as it sounds, the current global financial crisis may not end until the real problems such as crop failure, droughts, famine, water shortage, climate change, earthquakes, and the earth effect of solar flare activity end up becoming so great that they overshadow the made up financial crisis of created out of thin wealth transfer so the people can lift the wool over their eyes with the hope of getting out of this multiple thousand year old cycle of Slave/Master Debtor/Indebted we have been stuck in.

Being a modest mouse who is trying to break out of the enslavement wheel before it breaks him, I leave you with this to ponder before I attend to the opening of the daily casino:

On this most reviled/revered of days(depending on which side of the Federal Reserve Hebrew slave equivalent wage theft racket you're on) one can not help but ask themselves:

Is this the best that Humanity can do?

Must we wait for a disaster before we can change our archaic ways?

Will it be too late when the real problems that cannot be bailed out by printing money take center stage?

P.S: Prior to their revolt, Hebrew slaves were paying 50% of their earnings to the Pharaoh. When he forced them to pay for the material they needed to build his projects, they could no longer make a profit after cost and revolted. And the rest is History as they say.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No mentions of the missing month on Goldman Sachs Morning Con Call


it looks like there is no backbone amongst the Wall Street Analysts( including Meridith Whitney surprisingly) as no one has mentioned the accounting trick of skipping over the Billion dollar lost month of Dec 2008.

Retail sales for March down three times as expected(-1.1%)

I wonder how the talking heads will spin this.

An interesting question to have asked Goldman Sachs CFO is how much did they profit from the 25% market gain in March, a month they would not have benefited from had they not been allowed to discard Dec 2008 financial data.

My question is what is the legality of skipping the reporting month and how often does it occur?

News Flash: Leave it to CNBC Commentator Rick "Chicago Tea Party" Santelli to mention the 4 month quarter on the air. Guest CNBC analyst quickly tries to deflect the issue.

How long until this becomes the indicting story that it should be?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wall Street Emperor reports, sans appendage

In continuation of Wall Street's quarterly fantasy role playing game known as "gumptions and braggins", the Q1 Financial reporting charade I mean parade continues unabated with Wall Street Prince of Darkness firm Goldman Sachs reporting what looked like a blowout quarter until you read past the headlines to find that Goldman would have missed Analyst Estimates( oh the Horror!) if they stuck to their normal quarterly reporting cycle of Dec-Feb.

Is it any wonder that Goldman Lawyers are busy suing the new blogging site dedicated to uncovering their economically toxic machinations? http://www.goldmansachs666.com

It's unclear whether or not they are suing due to the said site's reference to Goldman or to the number of the Beast or do they hold the rights to both?

Not only did TARP bail out Goldman Sachs to the tune of around 25 Billion, but it also allowed them to skip their $2.15 per share/ 1 Billion loss incurred during December.( Isn't 1 Billion too round a number? hmmm...)

How are they allowed to get away with this you ask?

In our increasingly fictitious/fascist collusive Government/Media/Corporate environment, apparently being allowed to convert into a Bank holding company can allow you to skip a bad month if you choose to and you get a free pass from everybody including the media.

Why should the media shine a light to expose the truth yadda yadda yadda..... just give me my money and you can put my name next to the byline.

Out of more than 10 reports from mainstream financial media sources,


I've only noticed one glance over the "orphan" month of December 2008:

"Shifting the start of its fiscal year certainly helped the bank's overall results, said Denise Valentine, senior analyst at Aite Group, a Boston-based research firm.

"It's a little bit of fancy footwork, but for the market as a whole it's good news and it was needed," she said. "When your star does well or does what is expected, you breathe a little easier."

source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090413/ap_on_bi_ge/earns_goldman_sachs

"Fancy footwork" You say? or is your job on the line if you say what you really mean about Goldman Sachs' accounting trickery?

Not only is Goldman Sachs seemingly allowed to report fictitious "mark to market" results that can only be generously referred to as "mark to fantasy" based on relaxed financial reporting regulations, now they can also skip reporting whole months altogether.

What's next in this rigged game?

Queue generic CFO voice: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to announce record profits this quarter and every quarter into the foreseeable future now that we are allowed to spin off our losing months into separate entities according to TARP...Sorry, I meant PRAT(Profit Realization Accretion Transfer).

Voila, I've made our massive losses vanish into the SEC ether. Now hurry up and dilute the bagholders which allows us to pay the TARP back so I can get my damned bonus thanks to the PRAT act."

The quarterly reporting Emperor, apparently having no shame in addition to his lack of wardrobe, has decided to leave one of his sight for sore eyes limbs in the castle before venturing out into the open.

update: There is some reporting of the accounting loophole that caused Goldman to "smash" analysts estimates.

by Dan Wilchins


But Goldman's report was not all positive. The bank said its net loss for common shareholders was $1.03 billion in December, prompting some to question whether the change in financial years had allowed Goldman to dump much of its bad news into that one-off period and start afresh in the first quarter.

"December was a rare opportunity for both Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley," said Brad Hintz, an analyst at Sanford Bernstein. "A single month, without any comparisons that can be made with any other months, so none of us will ever know what goes into the month of December. It's one of those rare opportunities that CFOs dream about." Hintz is a former Lehman Brothers chief financial officer.

The bank said in January that it recorded a roughly $850 million loss from loans extended to units of chemicals company LyondellBasell in December, though the units filed for bankruptcy in January.

Between the December losses and the subsequent profit, Goldman's tangible book value per common share was essentially unchanged from the end of November, at $88.02, the bank said. Tangible common equity is a measure of the bank's net worth, ignoring intangible assets such as goodwill.

A measure of the bank's trading risk, average daily value-at-risk, surged to $240 million in the first quarter of 2009, compared with $157 million for the three months ended February 28, 2008, implying that the bank took more trading risk."

It is good to know that there are still some reporters like Dan Wilchins with enough backbone who are digging deeper but unfortunately for every one sentient report, there are 10 mindless company PR rehashes that drown them out.

The question to ask on the conference call in a couple of hours is how much they made in profit in their march 2009 quarter since it is taking place of their orphaned 1 Billion loss Dec 2008.

A safe estimate based on the frozen credit markets might imply that their Dec 2008 loss would have wiped out their profits from Jan and Feb of 2009 leaving them missing Analyst estimates by a country mile instead of crushing them.

But then again, we are not in the midst of a financial based economic collapse in spite of the accounting gimmicks of Wall Street firms but due primarily to the lax accounting standards that allow such chicanery to exist.

Another piece of irony is that Goldman made most of their profits using the same tactics of excessive leverage that have led to the horrendous tax payer money bailout of these bankers and it does not seem these bankers have learned any lessons about risk and leverage.

How long can they continue the same old same old while fleecing the public?

We shall see.