Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Wrath begins

You reap what you sow.

The last gift we donate as the sun sets on our Empire is: Hyper inflating the World's reserve currency before it hits the dustbin.

This in turn makes the world's poorest billion starve more and more - some to their death.

We call ourselves a Christian nation that is a cornerstone of Modern Christian Western Society.

Jesus Christ told us to feed the hungry poor - We are making them poorer and hungrier and the ones still alive are the lucky ones that have not been killed or maimed by our mostly Christian made western weapons.

Christ Blessed the peace makers so we go out making peace by breaking the World into pieces with our well intentioned but misguided Army.

We have been so blessed with abundance but we do not see it so we order more blessing for our nation.

We destabilize foreign nations so we can force their citizens to immigrate and become our "Metropolis 1927" workers and help their destroyed country rebuild by borrowing at usurious rates and paying out our investors 10% on their distressed bonds.

We invest in new technology and prop up a stock market that is destabilizing the ecosystem of the planet(resources that diminish faster than are replenished)

Overall we are neither meek, nor poor and as our rockets red glare, nor are we the peacemaker type but we are blessed.

Now that the blessing is being taken away slowly, we will soon know what's it like to be subjugated by a power greater than our own.

The question is: will we be shown mercy or our mercy?

The future that is on the other side of this slippery slope: It starts with this. It leads to protests. Which lead to instability which then leads to chaos which gives us uncivil war and if you throw in Tyrants abusing power, catastrophic natural disasters and human made ones lead to cannibalism.

in NY 2003, hours without power shutdown a city and the situation turned into near chaos. Imagine days, weeks and months and then you may understand why it leads to cannibalism.

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