Thursday, May 08, 2008

Be careful what you ask for...

"In other words, the only honest way to live is with a sense of mystery. It is not merely that no particular explanation satisfies me, I cannot conceive of what an entirely satisfactory explanation of ourselves would be like. (I also fear such an explanation, were it possible, because it would give enormous power to him who possessed it. But would he understand his own motives and behaviour in making use of it? By definition he would have to do so; he would have to have also a completely coherent, consistent and true ethical theory, such as no one has yet found.)"

Theodore Dalrymple

Here goes nothing:

There are four elements in the zodiac due to the radiation coming from the sun and it oscillates into 4 varying wavelengths. Earth, water, Wind, Fire signs are basically 4 wavelengths of light. Each wavelength, when striking the human embryo either in the womb or the baby after first exposed to light, light up the circuitry that is Human DNA and end up wiring the human being with a personality type based on the angles that connect the DNA via the light specific wavelength.

This is how the base personality is shaped. The wavelengths do not switch from month to month but slowly change and thus provide a plethora of combinations within the specific sign types.

Laws of Optics as a metaphor for human behavior: A concave lens is thin in the middle( a shallow heart) while a convex lens is thick in the middle( a big heart). The concave lens, when light is shown through it, focuses the light and redirects it in one beam through the center( metaphorically burning with this light due to a shallow heart)
The convex lens, with its big heart, proceeds to do the opposite with the light that is shown through it. It shines the light in all directions since it is the metaphor for the anti Grinch heart that is full of love.

Someone once said to be "like light". Why? well light is the fastest object in our Universe. The fastest makes its frequency very high and the wavelength very small. Wavelength is rate of change. Rate of change is akin to Chaos and uncertainty and doubt. Having the smallest rate of change implies the an unwavering state of tranquility.

Due to the actuality of an ultimate Zero sum game based on conservation of energy, in order for one to become rich someone else, must become poor. In order to become very rich, many others must become very poor. Wealth of the few is directly proportional to the poverty of the multitudes.

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