Friday, December 15, 2006

Anatomy of corruption ruining what was once a beautiful game...

The FIFA code of Ethics Violations

An open letter to whom it should concern but apparently doesn't,

It is unfortunate that we are at a stage where FIFA's integrity is
nearing the threshold where the Rubicon is crossed forever shaming the organization.

The Year 200b will unfortunately go down as the year of the Champion Cheaters that are banned for life from the sports they have tarnished.

A fake champion won the Tour de France, forever bringing shame to the event not to mention his native land. And if he was disqualified, numerous other fake champions would have stepped up to the plate to claim their infamy.

In the MLB, a Parade of performance enhanced athletes is the current
gene pool of undeserved record setting achievements.*

The cream rises to the top but not if growing in a dump where the crap rises through the crop until it is crowning the spoiled top.

Having seen the ruinous road that World Cup 2006 was headed down, the fake champion was accurately predicted weeks before their shameful and hollow victory finally manifested itself on July the 9th 2006.

A great player lost his control after he turned the other cheek one too many times to the injurious verbal insults hurled by a liar with a documented record of intentional injury to opponents.

An organization that is infested with members currently violating every section of its own code of Ethics will not be allowed to go on forever without its dirty laundry being aired in a slow and agonizing train wreck fashion.

Why stop at one violation. There are some members currently engaged in violating every code.

Do not think that the silent watchful members do not know of this as they keep an eye on the Cretins Executing Orders.

The newly crowned fake champion is justly deserving of the Cup of Corruption known as World Cup Germany 2006.

Falling over a defender for a last second injury time penalty, the offender is handsomely reward with an advancing chance and an opportunity to fall down in their semi final opponent's penalty area while feigning injury in order to halt a counter attack by the Hosts.

Realizing their cheating was not punished by the referees, the cretins repeat the same act in more brazen fashion: standing up after a collision with their foe's Goal Keeper, then looking back and seeing their adversary counter attack again, and only then do they fall down in agony many meters away from the place of their supposed injurious collision.

Looking up and seeing a counter attack and faking injury afterwards was also not caught even though it is documented in Hi Definition recordings that are easily available for mass redistribution.

In order not to discriminate against the Corrupt Champion whose disqualification is long overdue , the corrupt non champion must also be mentioned. A Team that commits a ridiculous amount of fouls doesn't advance very far even if the Coach had a record setting consecutive victory performance.

A supposed World Class referee, in a clear game disqualifying violation, is allowed to card one player 3 times yet no true punishment is handed down by the ruling class of cowering executives watching in disbelief. Only toothless press releases and meaningless reprimands follow.

Another referee is allowed to shame the game via a record setting performance of red and yellow cards while allowing cretins masquerading as athletes to continue on their arrogant unabated destructive paths toward the ultimate self realization of their
narcissistic ephemeral existence.

Why is there not an additional referee to yellow and red card game referees during the game if they overstep their place and become the story of the game?

For the Good of the Game, if you do not stand up and act now, you will see players make good on their threats of extracting justice from a corrupt system that practices the opposite of what it preaches; sometimes preaching racial tolerance via pre game speeches only to have one of its true gentlemen violated by a disrespectful liar
with a history of recklessly injuring anyone and everyone that stands in his nihilistic path towards immortalizing his criminal behavior that bears witness to the heartless machine that is his physical entity which lacks a single ounce of integrity.

Heed the Warnings before Righteous Judgment comes upon you for something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

It doesn't take the suicide of World Cup planners and the attempted suicide or forced assisted suicide of former players to bring the situation to light.

All it takes is the courage to stand up and shine a light on the festering cancers.

The Truth Shall set you free and lies shall make you an eternal
prisoner of your own vices.



(A few days after the open message was sent on August 31st, FIFA brought up the poster boy of corruption out of his crawling space to deliver a few choice words that rang hollow as expected.

Then they quickly swept the response under the rug and now the press release cannot be located,2527,127347,00.html?articleid=127347

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