Monday, October 09, 2006

Ah! Columbus Day

The Day We celebrate the last discovery of what we now call America.

There have been numerous previous discoveries of the Americas but the last one is the one we celebrate due to the Superiority complex that exists among some of us.

The most ancient of documented "discoveries" of the Americas were believed to have been made by the Phoenician sailors of a bygone era. There is evidence of ancient Phoenician and Middle Eastern artifacts scattered all over the Missisippi river area.

In order not to get carried away, we must remember that the "Human" gene pool was severly constrained by a bottleneck that occured about 80 thousand years ago.

The final answer is controlled evolution via time displaced loop feedback.

Update (2/16/08): it is rumored that Columbus "braved" the new world with the help of an ancient map constructed by the modern world's first seafarers: The Phoenicians.

The same Phoenician merchants left lots of biblical era artifacts laying around the Mississippi back when they visited it in years BC or BCE.

That would explain a lot of History that is not written by western conquistadors. Also, wouldn't the Vikings have discovered North America to bring back all that Copper that went missing from a Huge mine around the Michigan area back in the 12-13th Centuries? but alas, when you're busy conquering a continent after you plotted a journey you don't go around advertising it unless you were being funded by a bunch of press mongering Aristocrats.

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