Friday, September 29, 2006

Women who want kids read with a grain of salt

keep a balanced view and don't hypovenilate lest you gestate too much carbon dioxide which ups the acid level of your body which increases the chance of gaining weight since Acid eats through all organs which is why the work of perfection body generates fat to encapsulate the acid before it can do any damage.

If your bosses are stressin' your hearts to Darth Vaderesque choke holds, remind them that you need to breath so you can stay alive unless they want you to suffer in that case you keep quiet and get as much air input via Yoga and other breathing techniques

and then look at this article with an enlightened point of view or don't even bother to read anything. Tis' your life and your choice on how to treat your body and whether or not to be kind to friends, strangers and enemies.

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