Friday, September 29, 2006

Office Space 2: Termi Ordinateur 4: Birth of MachiNATION

Like The 1927 Metropolis MasterPiece, The Terry Gilliamesque Roberto Diner'owed "Brazil" cubicle slave automaton zombie environment is a form oooof low level anonymifiying skin pale 'a' maker parlor trickster.

You sell 3/7 of your life to the lowest bidder in exchange for temporary piece of mindin' your own bidness like a mofo continuum transfunctioner/\

The Gist is in the mist for if you persist your life's essance eventually will cease and desist.

Where's the Karma Police when we need them?

Dis watcha get whatcha give whatcha Tolkien' bout foo.....

Give me some milk and no helicopters unless sedated by a hole in a wall by the Raven nevermo' money dis da route canal down the sewer/\

Gutter boi in da hood meets the Time Machine's CHUD.

Cap(ona)italistic Humus_oid (g)Uberground D(illyo)WELLERS.

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