Saturday, September 30, 2006

Coincidentally coinciding coincidents.

Coincidence = incidents that happen simultaneously.

Sin^2 + Cos^2 = 1

person 1 assisting person 2 = up to next level.

earthlings helping earthlings = Unity = Peaceful Higher level Transitional stage begins.

1 is a symbolic number for it is an arrow pointing up to the sky.

Zero = 0 = the dual state existence where

ZERO = absence of value

ZERO = the sum total value of all integers( negative and positive)

Therefore ZERO is nothing and everything all at once i.e: the bad and the good guy all at once, hence a ZERO is a state of cyclical balance. WIP....

Friday, September 29, 2006

Cinema vérité

"Acting is a way of living out one's insanity"

Isabelle Huppert.

Couldn't have stated it better.

Women who want kids read with a grain of salt

keep a balanced view and don't hypovenilate lest you gestate too much carbon dioxide which ups the acid level of your body which increases the chance of gaining weight since Acid eats through all organs which is why the work of perfection body generates fat to encapsulate the acid before it can do any damage.

If your bosses are stressin' your hearts to Darth Vaderesque choke holds, remind them that you need to breath so you can stay alive unless they want you to suffer in that case you keep quiet and get as much air input via Yoga and other breathing techniques

and then look at this article with an enlightened point of view or don't even bother to read anything. Tis' your life and your choice on how to treat your body and whether or not to be kind to friends, strangers and enemies.

Office Space 2: Termi Ordinateur 4: Birth of MachiNATION

Like The 1927 Metropolis MasterPiece, The Terry Gilliamesque Roberto Diner'owed "Brazil" cubicle slave automaton zombie environment is a form oooof low level anonymifiying skin pale 'a' maker parlor trickster.

You sell 3/7 of your life to the lowest bidder in exchange for temporary piece of mindin' your own bidness like a mofo continuum transfunctioner/\

The Gist is in the mist for if you persist your life's essance eventually will cease and desist.

Where's the Karma Police when we need them?

Dis watcha get whatcha give whatcha Tolkien' bout foo.....

Give me some milk and no helicopters unless sedated by a hole in a wall by the Raven nevermo' money dis da route canal down the sewer/\

Gutter boi in da hood meets the Time Machine's CHUD.

Cap(ona)italistic Humus_oid (g)Uberground D(illyo)WELLERS.

Looky looky here kitty kat Knight Ghost Riders in the Sky:

Seperatin the Tin Tin from the Manure

Someone claiming to have never told a lie is someone to be wary scary oh Contrary of for they have told at least two lies.:

1) The lie prior the the errant claim ->

0:-( and the original deception.

Someone should have told Mr Tooth Decayer to George Washin' g TONGUE.

I taut I tao a Tweety Bird flying over the Putty Tat.